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Agenda Plus
School Board of Clay County
January 6, 2022 - Regular School Board Meeting
C17 - Facilitron, Inc. Online Facilities Rental Storefront Agreement

Facilitron is a facility management company with unique software designed to partner with the District and schools in managing facility rentals.  The program assists with facility use requests, maintenance tasks, assets, and attendees at events scheduled through the system.   Their service allows the renters a convenient online source to initiate their interest in use.   It provides the schools a way to track and approve or deny those wishing to utilize their site.  Faciltron also furnishes a platform to the District for efficient tracking and management of the Facility Use Program.   

Gap Analysis

Though the current program is designed to be effective and control, the schools and limited staffing at the district are growing frustrated with trying to manage the program.  

  • Money collection is often delayed causing last-minute cancellations or collections. 

  • Oversight of the program is timely as there is no online system to manage it district-wide.  

  • There have been double bookings as there isn’t a District/School calendar for rentals.

Oversight of the program will remain at the District, and the schools will retain authority and work with Facilitron regarding personnel scheduling; however, the bulk of the contract management and money collection will be handled by Facilitron.


Previous Outcomes

The Board updated the policies and set uniform standards and pricing for Districtwide Facility Use, however, the comprehensive program requires efficient software to organize and accommodate all users. Participants at all levels are discouraged.

Expected Outcomes

Seek approval for Implementation no later than July 1, 2022 

Strategic Plan Goal

Goal 2: Strategy 2.4 Ensure effective and efficient use of resources for fiscal stability.


For Board approval to allow Facilitron to partner with the School District.  

Pricing Option 2: Fixed commission of 10% (page 10 of contract). 

Dr. Susan M. Legutko, Assistant Superintendent Business Affairs, 904-336-6721
Christina Deeley-Isais, Coordinator of Risk Manager, 904-336-6745
Financial Impact
10% of client fees.
Review Comments
220055 Facilitron Agreement SIGNED by Facilitron on 11_19_2021 & Addendum A SIGNED 10_6_2021.pdf