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School Board of Clay County
July 30, 2019 - Special School Board Meeting (Public Hearing on 2019-2020 Tentative Budget)
Public Hearing for Comments on the 2019-2020 Budget and Millages

TRIM requires two public hearings for open discussion of millage rates and budgets of taxing authorities.  The first substantive issue discussed by the governing body of taxing authority is the percentage increase or decrease in millage over the rolled-back rate necessary to fund the budget, if any, and the specific purposed for which ad valorem tax revenues are being increase or decreased.  The general public is allowed to speak and ask questions prior to adoption of any measures by the governing body.  The millage rate is adopted first and budget is adopted second.

Gap Analysis
Previous Outcomes
Expected Outcomes

2019-2020 Budget millage rates will be approved and executed in accordance with Florida Statues.

Strategic Plan Goal

The District ensures fiscal responsibility and equitable distribution of resources.

Dr. Susan Legutko, Assistant Superintendent for Business Affairs
Financial Impact
The District will generate a total of $89,559,225 from all mill levies. The total tentative budget appropriation for 2019-2020 is $440,335,363.
Review Comments

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