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Agenda Plus
School Board of Clay County
June 24, 2021 - Regular School Board Meeting
C12 - 7 Mindsets Social Emotional Learning Curriculum

7 Mindsets provides Social Emotional Learning (SEL) content that will be implemented district wide. SEL will be critical to re-engaging students, supporting adults, rebuilding relationships, and creating a foundation for academic learning as schools reopen. Developing the whole child will help ensure that students will have the tools needed to handle difficult situations. The Professional development components will help instructors understand equity, how to build a positive school and classroom culture, and how to develop the social emotional learning for all students. 

Gap Analysis

As stated in SB 7030, districts are required to “be focused on a multi-tiered system of supports to deliver evidence-based mental health care assessment, diagnosis, intervention, treatment and recovery services to students...” Clay County is focused on encouraging and fostering the success of the whole child. To meet these standards and to prioritize the significance of Tier I prevention efforts, the 7 Mindsets social and emotional learning platform will be implemented on a district wide basis to ensure all students are receiving a common language and understanding of growth and development. 

Previous Outcomes

Access to the 7 Mindsets curriculum was expanded in the 20-21 school year to 22 additional schools, giving access to 41 schools in total.  Several schools implementing for the second consecutive year reported a reduction in referrals, an increase in positive interactions and indicated that 7 Mindsets was helping to shape the culture of their schools.  The consistency of the content and delivery methods building from year to year has had a direct impact on the overall results of this program implementation. 

Expected Outcomes

The use of 7 Mindsets will facilitate the development of the whole child by helping students understand how to handle difficult situations, engage with others and build relationships. Developing these skills will assist in removing barriers and open the pathway for academic achievement.

Strategic Plan Goal

Goal:3: Establish a respectful climate and culture that provides equity and access to all.

Strategy:3.2: Develop systems and processes that focus on developing the whole child.


That the Clay County School Board approve 7 Mindsets be purchased for instructors to use lesson content to increase the social, emotional, learning for all students.

Laura Fogarty 904-336-6513
Financial Impact
$198,300.00 Federal Funds
Review Comments
7 Mindsets 21-22 Contract Pending Board Approval.pdf