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Agenda Plus
School Board of Clay County
June 24, 2021 - Regular School Board Meeting
C 11A - Art Enrichment Contract with Lorraine Butler

Lorraine Butler selects, purchases, and distributes art materials from the Art Enrichment classroom at Lakeside Elementary School.  She maintains circulation and inventory of art print reproductions, sculptures, books, music, and other objects and notifies volunteers/staff when reserved art is ready for check out.  In addition, she recruits and trains volunteers to present resources in our schools.

Gap Analysis

This program has filled a much-needed gap in art instruction across the county using volunteers to visit classrooms and expose students to art enrichment experiences.  Teachers use this resource to provide additional art experiences in core classroom instruction.

Previous Outcomes

During the 20/21 school year, 15,065 Clay County students were exposed to laminated art materials.  These materials were circulated from the Art Enrichment classroom via county courier.

Expected Outcomes

Increase the number of students exposed to the arts through integration in core classes.

Strategic Plan Goal

Goal:1.1 Develop high quality and aligned instructional system

Strategy:  1.3 Prepare all students to be full option graduates who are prepared for college, eligible to enlist in military services, or able to compete in the workforce.


That the Clay County School Board approve the contract with Lorraine Butler, Director of the Art Enrichment Program in Clay County.

Roger Dailey, Chief Academic Officer, 904.336.6904
Financial Impact
$15,000 per year from general funds
Review Comments
Art Enrichment Contract.pdf