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School Board of Clay County
June 27, 2019 - Regular School Board Meeting
C6 - Permission to Publish An Advertisement and Notice of Public Hearing for Astronomy, Forensic, Marine and Physical Science Adoption

The Pre-selection adoption committee was comprised of a teacher representative from each impacted school and subject area.  These certified Clay County District Schools teachers vetted materials for the considered courses using a comprehensive rubric that aligned curricula to materials.  The committee met on April 5, 2019 and thoroughly reviewed all available curriculum options from the state adoption list. The teams worked to apply rigorous alignment criteria using evaluation tools provided by the Instructional Resources Department and the Science Curriculum Specialists to each selection to determine the top two products that would best meet the needs of the students of Clay County.

The top two products selected for each subject were then posted on the Instructional Resources page of the District’s website. The public was encouraged to view the products and there were corresponding surveys posted for them to complete and express their individual comments and/or concerns about each one. In addition to the website surveys, a survey was sent to each impacted teacher for feedback.

In order to finalize the vetting process and produce a final selection, all impacted science teachers were asked to provide feedback about the two choices and the ability of each to meet the needs of their students. In an effort to be as transparent as possible, the surveys provided detailed information about each product being considered.  Feedback was due to the Instructional Resources Office by Friday, April 26th to allow the District Committee to meet on Friday, May 3rd to review feedback and recommendations.

Florida State Statute 1006.283 requires an open, noticed school board hearing to receive public comment on the recommended instructional materials. The publication of notice allows CCDS to meet this requirement.

Gap Analysis

Instructional Materials for Astronomy, Forensic, Marine and Physical Sciences were not adopted during the 2017-18 Science Adoption year.

Previous Outcomes

Statute requires a district to adopt within two years of the State’s adoption year. F.S. 1006.283  Requires a public hearing to be posted in a publication 20 calendar days prior to the event in order for the public to be made fully aware of the District’s intentions.

Expected Outcomes

These materials would provide the teachers of Clay County current, quality, and aligned materials to enable them the ability to deliver and plan engaging lessons, and provide students with the resources to maximize learning and increase student outcomes.

Strategic Plan Goal
  • Goal 1: Develop Great Educators and Leaders.  
  • Strategy 1.1: Develop a high quality and aligned instructional system.

That the Clay County School Board approve the publishing of an advertisement in the Clay Today, informing the public of a hearing on newly vetted Astronomy, Forensic, Marine and Physical Science materials.

Terry Connor, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction,, 904-652-3066 Cynthia Johnson, Supervisor of Instructional Resources,, 904-336-6911
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Astronomy Teacher Feedback Scorecard.pdf
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