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School Board of Clay County
June 27, 2019 - Regular School Board Meeting
C12 - Budget Amendment Report for May 2019

Florida State Board of Education Administrative Rule 6A-1.006 requires that the School Board approve amendments to the district school budget whenever the function and object amounts in the accounts prescribed by the State Board form are changed from the original budget approved by the School Board.  The Budget Amendments are procedurally necessary to update our budget to reflect changes as outlined in the attached statements.




Gap Analysis

The monthly budget amendment show compliance to the district's amended budget as of the month end reported and meet State and School Board financial reporting requirements. 

Previous Outcomes

Reported as per Florida State Board of Education Administrative Rule 6A-1.006.  

Expected Outcomes

The monthly budget amendment is provided to meet the stewardship responsibilities of the district for reporting and accountability of the district's budget.

Strategic Plan Goal

Goal: 2: Strategy 2.4; Ensure effective and efficient use of resources for fiscal stability.


Approval of the Budget Amendments for May, 2019 as presented.


Dr. Susan M. Legutko, Assistant Superintendent for Business Affairs
Financial Impact
See attached statements for a complete analysis of the financial impact.
Review Comments
May 2019 Budget Amendment Report.pdf