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School Board of Clay County
March 7, 2019 - Regular School Board Meeting
C5 - 2018-2019 - Salary Schedule - Revisions of Section I, Administrative and Section IV, Miscellaneous - (Police Department)

Florida Statutes 1012.22 and 1012.27 require the district school board and superintendent to adopt a salary schedule to be used as a basis for paying school district employees.  Any changes or revisions made to the salary schedule throughout the school year are brought to the School Board for approval.

These changes are a reflection of the additions in Section I, Tables I and VIII. 

The Police Department's positions were added to the Miscellaneous Salary Schedule as they are non-bargaining unit positions.

Gap Analysis

Salary Schedules are required pursuant to section F.S. 1011.60(4).

Previous Outcomes


Expected Outcomes

Approve the revisions and additions as requested.

Strategic Plan Goal

Goal 5 - Develop and support great educators, support personnel & leaders.

Initiative 5.1.1 - Recruit and retain highly skilled, qualified and diverse educators, leader and support staff.


Approve changes to Section I, Administrative/Management/Supervisory/Confidential and Section IV Miscellaneous Salary Schedule - Police Department Salary Schedule

David S. Broskie, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources. 904.336.6701
Financial Impact
The potential Financial Impact under Option B for personnel is $2,941,448.60
Review Comments
Salary Schedule Revision.pdf