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School Board of Clay County
May 3, 2018 - Regular School Board Meeting
C11 - Approval of Out of County Student Travel - K-12 Academic

The School Board recognizes that field trips, when used for teaching and learning integral to the curriculum, are an educationally sound and important ingredient in the instructional program of the schools. Properly planned and executed field trips supplement and enrich classroom instruction by providing learning experiences that will enhance mastery of the curriculum standards of the State of Florida. A field trip is defined as any planned, student-travel activity which is approved as part of the district's educational program and is under the direct supervision and control of an instructional staff member or any advisor as designated by the Superintendent.

                                                                                                 Field Trips Details

School Date Destination Group Purpose
Clay High 4/5-6, 2018 Panama City, FL Boys Weightlifting

FHSAA State Weightlifting Championships.

Middleburg High 7/19-22, 2018 UCF Cheer

Cheer Camp

Orange Park High 4/6-7, 2018 Tampa, FL Colorguard Indoor Colorguard State Championships.
Orange Park High 6/17-20, 2018 Savannah, GA Beta Club

A student was selected as a Regional Leadership Representative.



Gap Analysis

Field trips provide students with a window to the real world that they don't get in the classroom, and they can help students understand real-world applications to abstract concepts.

Previous Outcomes

All out of county activity trips are selected, planned, evaluated, and approved or rejected in conformity with written district policy.

Expected Outcomes

It is important to recognize that learning outcomes from field trips can range from cognitive to affective outcomes. Exposing students to new experiences and can increase interest and engagement in academics regardless of prior interests.

Strategic Plan Goal

Ensure that every classroom provides a quality and rigorous instructional experience in order to elevate student outcomes.


That the Clay County School Board approve out of county student travel.   

Terry Connor, Chief of Secondary Education;; (904) 652-3066
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