Agenda Plus
School Board of Clay County
Teacher Inservice Center - Fleming Island High School, 2233 Village Square Parkway
Artwork provided by: District Founders' Week Art Contest winners; Orange Park High School students - Art in Social Studies; Orange Park Elementary School students - Ms. Brommer's art class; Green Cove Springs Junior High students - Ms. Crosby's art class;
November 1, 2018 - Regular School Board Meeting
Date: Nov 01 2018 (6:00 p.m.)
Invocation  (Rev. Doug Matyi - Chaplain, Clay County Jail)
Pledge of Allegiance
Call to Order  (Present: Janice Kerekes, District 1; Carol Studdard, District 2; Betsy Condon, District 3; Mary Bolla, District 4; Ashley Gilhousen, District 5; and Superintendent Addison Davis. )
Student Showcase  (Charles E. Bennett Elementary School Chorus - Victoria Syken, Director)
Recognitions and Awards
1. Presentation of Plaques

Chair Studdard presented a plaque to Board Member Betsy Condon for her 4 years of loyal and dedicated service as the District 3 school board member, 2014-2018.   Superintendent Davis followed, presenting a plaque to Carol Studdard for her year of service as the School Board Chair.

Mrs. Studdard introduced Mrs. Ellen Boyer and Cub Scout Pack 25 who were in attendance at the meeting.

2. Recognize 2018 Founders' Week Art Contest Winners
Founders Week Art Contest - 2018 Winners (11012018 Mtg).pdf

The followings students were recognized as first place winners in this year's contest which addressed the ideas of citizenship (Gr. K-2) and our Constitution (Gr. 3-5).

  • Kindergarten - Gage Fischer, Clay Virtual
  • First Grade - Jaylynn Gayle, McRae Elementary
  • Second Grade - Llewellyn Kaiser, Plantation Oaks Elementary
  • Third Grade - Peyton, Rumsey, Orange Park Elementary
  • Fourth Grade - Alexa Villaroman, Grove Park Elementary
  • Fifth Grade - Jaslene Diaz, Argyle Elementary
Presenters  (None)
School Showcase  (Charles E. Bennett Elementary School - Sarah Lawson, Principal)
Presentations from the Audience (Public Comment)
3. Public Comments
  • Leigh Ann Lunsford - School Board District 5 Candidate
  • Joshua Allen - Integrity (SB District 5)
  • Joe Condon - Board Member Qualifications/Integrity
  • Jenifer Burghart - Professional Development and Class Size
  • Fran Bentley - Mental Health Issues
Consent Agenda
4. C1 - Minutes of School Board Workshop on September 25, 2018; Student Hearings and Regular Meeting on October 4, 2018.
Sept 25 Workshop.pdf
Oct 4 Reg.pdf
Oct 4 Student Hearings.pdf (Confidential)
Human Resources
5. C2 - Personnel Consent Agenda - November 1, 2018
Personnel Consent Agenda 11 1 2018.pdf
Instruction-K-12 Academic
6. C3 - Approval of Out of County Student Travel - K-12 Academic
Nov 2018 - Student Travel.pdf
Instruction-Climate and Culture
7. C4 - Approve advertisement of proposed revisions to School Board Policy 4.12, Health and Safety - Medication for Students, and reschedule the Public Hearing date to December 6, 2018
Policy 4.12, REVISED Medication for Students.pdf
4.12 Admin of Medications - NOTICE OF APPROVAL TO ADVERTISE.pdf
8. C5 - Proclamation #19-05 proclaiming November as Family Engagement Month
family-engagment-resoulution-2018 (1).pdf
Business Affairs
9. C6 - Proposed Allocation Changes for 2018-2019
Allocation Summary - November 1, 2018_final.pdf
Business Affairs-Accounting
10. C7 - Monthly Financial Report for September, 2018
September 2018 Board Monthly Financial Report.pdf
September 2018 Board Monthly Property Report.pdf
Business Affairs-Property
11. C8 - Deletion of Certain Items Report - October, 2018
Deletion Report-October, 2018.pdf
12. C9 - Pre-qualification of Contractors
Table for Board Backup Contractor Prequal, 11.1.18.pdf
13. C10 - Change Order #5 (Direct Purchasing) for Fleming Island High School AICE Testing Facility
CngOrder5DP, FIH AICE Testing Facility.pdf
Adoption of Consent Agenda
14. Adoption of the Consent Agenda

Following approval of the Consent Agenda, Chair Studdard read Proclamation 19-05 for Family Engagement Month (Consent Item C5).

Motion to approve the Consent Agenda as presented
Vote Results ( Approved )
Motion: Janice Kerekes
Second: Betsy Condon
Janice Kerekes - Aye
Carol Studdard - Aye
Betsy Condon - Aye
Ashley Gilhousen - Aye
Mary Bolla - Aye
CCEA Update  (Renna Lee Paiva)
CESPA Update  (Teresa Dixon)
Superintendent's Update and Presentations
15. Superintendent's Update
Supt's Nov Update.pdf

Superintendent Davis' update included the following topics:

  • Community Connections - a new initiative to gain access to all stakeholders;
  • Update on Superintendent's Student Advisory Council -  held thus far two meetings this school year; elected Senior Cara Toney (Middleburg High) as Chair and Junior Abigail Ferry (Orange Park High) as Vice Chair;
  • School Recognition Funds - process is unclear; clarified the School Advisory Council identifies the plan for how the money will be used at their school;
  • Teacher of the Year Pinning Ceremony - held October 31, 2018;
  • Champions of Change - OPH Leadership Team for continuously improving academics and the climate and culture at Orange Park High School
Discussion Agenda
School Board Member
16. D1 - Discuss and give direction on process for employing legal services
DJD letter to CCSB, Oct 2018.pdf

Chair Studdard opened the floor for discussion.  Board members expressed their opinions.

  • Mrs. Bolla would like to consider the option of having two attorneys, one for the School Board, and one to serve the Superintendent and staff.   
  • Mrs. Gilhousen preferred to consider an outside firm for the School Board attorney and an in-house staff attorney.
  • Mrs. Condon spoke from the citizen perspective and implored the Board to be open-minded and consider holding a workshop so the public could observe the discussion and process. 
  • Mrs. Kerekes felt the decision should be made by the new Board. 
  • Mrs. Studdard expressed her biggest concern as the timing with Dr. D'Agata's last day being December 21, 2018.

In light of the timing issue, Dr. D'Agata encouraged the Board to proceed with looking for viable candidates during November.  This would still allow the new Board to make the final decision on the candidates.  He expressed his opinion that given the workload on both sides, two positions are justified.  He noted that cost-savings and better services would likely be achieved with an in-house attorney for staff that could respond to daily needs and operational concerns.  He also noted that the Clay County Board of County Commissioners successfully utilized the services of Colin Baenziger & Associates not so long ago in finding and placing an excellent County Attorney.

Following discussion, the Board agreed to move the time for the workshop on November 26, 2018, to begin at 8:00 a.m. so that an additional item could be added to the agenda for further discussion on legal services.  

Human Resources
17. D2 - Human Resources - Special Action A November 1, 2018

There were none

School Board Attorney Remarks

Dr. D'Agata conveyed his appreciation to Board Member Condon for her service, professionalism, and responsiveness to School Board business. 

School Board Member Remarks
CCEF Minigrant Info.pdf

Board Members commented on recent school and community events they attended.  They each also expressed their appreciation and well wishes to Mrs. Condon on her four years of service on the Clay County School Board.  

Mrs. Bolla requested workshops on the topics of financial planning, discussion and review of the Superintendent's salary, and legislative priorities.  Mrs. Bolla also distributed a handout with information about the Clay County Education Foundation's classroom minigrants and the 2017-2018 funding sources.

Mrs. Condon commended the Superintendent and staff regarding AMI Kids adjustments that will allow some students from the Keystone Heights area to attend the program.

Mrs. Studdard restated that she plans to add an item to the January agenda for review of the Superintendent's salary.

Adjournment  (8:35 p.m.)
Superintendent of Schools School Board Chairman