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School Board of Clay County
November 2, 2017 - Regular School Board Meeting
C5 - Safety and Education Articulation Agreement between School Board of Clay County and City of Green Cove Springs and Green Cove Springs Police Department.

A collaborative agreement between the school district and the police department that will provide services to the schools within city limits and, therefore, the police department's jurisdiction. The schools impacted by these services are Charles E. Bennett and Green Cove Springs Junior High.

Gap Analysis

The purpose of entering an agreement with this organization pertains to services offered to the schools in the areas of safety, educating students on various legal issues, and providing police responses when contacted by administration. The district sets out to continue applying interventions in multiple areas that will yield positive outcomes. In this case, these services will have a positive outcome in the areas of crime prevention and relations between the students and the legal community. Services provided range from grade level programs such as SAVE, substance abuse education, health education, and traffic and pedestrian safety programs.

Previous Outcomes

The organizations have had a longstanding partnership. This partnership has resulted in a better understanding of the local community and built a more positive relationship between young people and law enforcement.

Expected Outcomes

An increased understanding of the role of law enforcement between young people, the community, and schools. Due to the services provided, students will become more knowledgeable about certain actions/behavior.

Strategic Plan Goal

The District and the schools involved will work closely with the Green Cove Springs Police Department to help ensure a more safe environment at the two schools listed. In addition, it is the desire of the school system and the law enforcement officials to improve relations between community members and law enforcements.


Approval of the 2017-18 agreement

Mr. Michael McAuley Assistant Superintendent - Climate & Culture 904-336-6513
Financial Impact
$9,000.00 - Project 1108 Safe Schools
Review Comments
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