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Agenda Plus
School Board of Clay County
September 5, 2019 - Regular Meeting and Public Hearing on the 2019-2020 Budget
C21 - Florida Safe Schools Assessments Acceptance Letter

Florida DOE / HB 7030-s. 1006.1493, F.S., Florida Safe Schools Assessment Tool must be the Site Security Assessment tool that is used at each district and school site in conducting security assessments. The School Safety Specialist review the recommendations of the School Hardening and Harm Mitigation Workgroup from each school. The School Board must acknowledge the assessments have been completed and the Superintendent has to sign a memo stating they are completed.


Gap Analysis

The Clay County District Schools is in need of the Board to confirm completion of the Florida Safe Schools Assessments to be in compliance for SB 7030.

Previous Outcomes

Board approved this same letter in October of 2018


Expected Outcomes

Approval of the acceptance letter which will be submitted to the state for compliance of SB 7030. This will also foster a safe and secure environment for our District staff by constantly assessing our campuses.


Strategic Plan Goal

Ensure effective management of the organization, operations, and facilities to maximize the use of resources and promote a safe, efficient, and effective learning environment for Clay County students. 


Approve the acceptance letter and allow the superintendent to sign the letter which will be submitted to the state for compliance of SB 7030.

Dr. Michael Kemp, Assistant Superintendent for Operations, (904) 336-6824,, John Ward, Director, Safety & Security, (904) 336-6846,
Financial Impact
No financial impact.
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