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Agenda Plus
School Board of Clay County
September 5, 2019 - Regular Meeting and Public Hearing on the 2019-2020 Budget
C20 - RFP to be Awarded

Award RFP as required per FS 287, DOE 6A-1.012 and School Board Policy

a. Lease-Purchase Financing of New School Buses RFP #19-BA-126:  Contract Period is for a (7) seven year period from September 6, 2019 through February 1, 2026. RFP established for fixed interest rate to lease-purchase up to 100 new school buses and to pay costs of issuance in connection with the lease, the aggregate cost of which are estimated not to exceed $10,750,000.00. Ford & Associates, Inc., the SBCC’s Independent Registered Municipal Advisor, and Mr. Greenberg Traurig P.A., the SBCC’s special tax counsel, advised the SBCC throughout the RFP process and contract negotiation. The Firm awarded has been determined to be the most favorable to the School Board.

Gap Analysis

The District requires contractors to provide services to ensure our ​​facilities and equipment are maintained and functional. The District requires vendors to provide products to ensure our students and staff receive the items to meet their needs.

Previous Outcomes

The School Board purchased New School Buses directly from the vendor with a District Purchase Order.

Expected Outcomes

Upon approval by the Board, we expect the vendor to provide quality services and products at the terms and conditions listed in the Bid.

Strategic Plan Goal

Goal 2;  Strategy 2.4; Ensure effective and efficient use of resources for fiscal stability.


Award RFP as follows:

a. Lease-Purchase Financing of New School Buses RFP #19-BA-126:

  • TD Equipment Finance, Inc., 301 E. Pine Street, Suite 1000, Orlando, FL  32801
Dr. Susan Legutko, Assistant Superintendent for Business Affairs, Phone: (904)336-6721, Email: Dr. Michael Kemp, Assistant Superintendent for Operations, Phone: (904)336-6825, Email:
Financial Impact
a. Lease-Purchase Financing of New School Buses RFP #19-BA-126: Estimated $10,750,000.00 for Contract Period from General Revenue
Review Comments
C20 DRAFT Lease Purchase Agreement_TDEFClay County.pdf