School District of Clay County
Green Cove Springs, Florida
Teacher Inservice Center - Fleming Island High School
2233 Village Square Parkway
Hearings for Special Actions regarding Students - 5:00 p.m.

October 16, 2014 - Regular Meeting

Pledge of Allegiance
Call to Order
Consent Agenda

1. C-1 Minutes of Student Hearings and Regular Meeting on September 18, 2014
Attachment: Disciplinary Minutes-2014 September 18.pdf (Confidential Item) 

Attachment: Sept 18, 2014 Regular Mtg.pdf

Deputy Superintendent

2. C-2 Proposed Allocation Changes for 2014-2015
Attachment: Allocation Summary - October 16, 2014.pdf

3. C-3 Network and District Device Overview School District of Clay County
Attachment: SDCC Network and Device Overview Final.pdf

4. C-4 Employee Social Media Guidelines School District of Clay County
Attachment: Social Media Guidelines-Employee Final.pdf

Human Resources

5. C-5 Personnel Consent Agenda
Attachment: Personnel Consent Agenda 10 16 14.pdf

6. C-6 Appointments, Transfers, and Redesignations of Out-of-Field Teachers

7. C-7 Adoption of Digital Classrooms Plan

8. C-8 Resolution Endorsing Red Ribbon Week, October 23-21, 2014
Attachment: Red Ribbon Week.pdf

9. C-9 Authorized Provider Agreement Between American Red Cross and The School Board of Clay County
Attachment: Clay County School Board AP Agreement.pdf

10. C-10 Permission To Travel Out of State
11. C-11 Student Travel
Attachment: Oct 2014 - Student Travel.pdf

12. C-12 2014-15 Florida State College of Jacksonville Dual Enrollment Articulation Agreement
Attachment: Oct 2014 - 2014-15 FSCJ Dual Enrollment Agreement.pdf

13. C-13 Contract with Young Rembrandts
Attachment: Young Rembrandts Contract August 2014 until Terminated.pdf

14. C-14 Overnight/Out of State Travel
Attachment: overnight travel 10-16-14 agenda.pdf

15. C-15 Affiliation Agreement Between the CCSD and Greystone Healthcare Management Corp
Attachment: Greystone Healthcare Affiation Agreement, 2014.pdf

16. C-16 2014-15 SJR State's Work Ready Youth Program Agreement
Attachment: Oct 2014 - 2014-15 SJR State's Work Ready Youth Program Agreement.pdf

17. C-17 Articulation Agreement with University of Northwestern Ohio
Attachment: ArticulationAgreement-Univ Northwestern Ohio.pdf

18. C-18 Instructional Leadership and Faculty Development Grant
Attachment: Instructional Leadership & Faculty Development Grant - 1935.xlsx.pdf

19. C-19 Approve Consultant Agreement - St. John's Country Day School - Dr. Hal Urban
Attachment: Consultant Agreement Dr. Urban.pdf

20. C-20 Agreement Between the School Board of Clay County and DES of Florida, LLC
Attachment: Clay.LPO. AProfessional Admin..pdf

21. C-21 Approval of Out of State Travel Learning Forward Conference
Attachment: Learning Forward Conference.pdf

22. C-22 2014-2015 Title I Private School Reciprocal Agreements Between Counties
Attachment: 2014-2015 Title I Private School Reciprocal Agreement with Bradford County.pdf
Attachment: 2014-2015 Title I Private School Reciprocal Agreement with Duval County.pdf

23. C-23 Contract for SEDNET support staff.
Attachment: SEDNET Support Services Contract 2014-2015.pdf

Business Affairs

24. C-24 2013-2014 Fiscal Year Program Cost Report
Attachment: Fiscal Year 13-14 Program Cost Report.pdf

25. C-25 Delta Dental Business Associate Agreement
Attachment: Delta Dental BAA Agreement 2014.pdf

26. C-26 Monthly Property Report - September, 2014 - Furniture/Equipment
Attachment: Furniture-Equipment Report-September, 14.pdf

27. C-27 Monthly Property Report - September, 2014 - AV Materials
Attachment: Audiovisual Report-September, 14.pdf

28. C-28 Monthly Property Report - September, 2014 - Software
Attachment: Software Report-September, 14.pdf

29. C-29 Monthly Property Report - September, 2014 - Vehicles
Attachment: Vehicles Report-September, 14.pdf

30. C-30 Deletion of Certain Items Report - October, 2014
Attachment: Deletion Report-October, 14.pdf
Attachment: Deletion Report (Attachment)-October, 14.pdf

31. C-31 Budget Amendments for the Month of September, 2014
Attachment: budget cover sheet(impact stmt).pdf
Attachment: Budget Amendments.pdf

32. C-32 Warrants and Vouchers for September 2014

33. C-33 Writeoff Non-sufficient Checks at School
Support Services

34. C-34 Pre-Qualification of Contractors
Attachment: Contractor List 10,16,14.pdf

35. C-35 Right-of-Way Easement with Clay Electric Cooperative, Inc. for OakLeaf High School Relocatable Area
Attachment: RofW Easement Clay Elec. OHS.pdf

36. C-36 Additive Change Order #5 (Direct Purchasing) for Middleburg Elementary School Cafeteria Expansion
Attachment: CO 5, MBE Cafe Exp.pdf

37. C-37 Final Completion of Middleburg Elementary School Cafeteria Expansion
Attachment: Final Comp MBE Cafe Exp.pdf

38. C-38 Final Completion of Orange Park High School Roof Replacement Building 4
Attachment: Final Comp OPH Roof.pdf

39. C-39 Clay County Utility Authority Certificate of Construction Completion for Middleburg Elementary
Attachment: CCUA Cert of Constr Compl MBE.pdf

Adoption of Consent Agenda
40. Adoption of Consent Agenda

Recognitions and Awards
Scheduled Citizen Requests
41. Virginia Collins - Clay County Schools: What can we do to improve our school district?

Discussion Agenda

42. D-1 Superintendent's Update
School Board Members

43. D-2 Amend the Contract for Secretarial services provided by Sabrina Gaston to the School Board Attorney (Janice Kerekes)
Attachment: 10-16-14 Gaston Contract Amendment.pdf

44. D-3 Discuss Financial Impact of Appointed Superintendent and Approve motion to postpone the appointment process until 2016 general election – should the ballot initiative pass in November 2014 general election (Johnna McKinnon)
Attachment: 10-16-14 Alachua County.pdf
Attachment: 10-16-14 Hernando County.pdf
Attachment: 10-16-14 Indian River County.pdf
Attachment: 10-16-14 Osceola County.pdf
Attachment: 10-16-14 St Johns County.pdf
Attachment: 10-16-14 St Lucie County.pdf

45. D-4 Public Hearing on amendments to School Board Policy 6GX-10-1.03(D)1, The Superintendent of Schools; Appointment of Superintendent; Job Description, minimum qualifications and performance responsibilities (Janice Kerekes)
Attachment: 10-16-14 Policy 1.03 D (1) (2).pdf

46. D-5 Public Hearing on amendments to School Board Policy 6GX-10-1.03(D)2, The Superintendent of Schools; Appointment of Superintendent; Candidate Search, Evaluation and Hiring (Janice Kerekes)
Attachment: 10-16-14 Policy 1.03 D (1) (2).pdf

47. D-6 Approve Citizen Application Form For Clay County School Board Superintendent Selection Committee members (Janice Kerekes)
Attachment: 10-16-14 Selection Committee Application Form.pdf

Human Resources

48. D-7 Human Resources - Special Action A
Attachment: Special Action A 10 16 14.pdf (Confidential Item) 

49. D-8 Human Resources - Special Action B
Attachment: Special Action B 10 16 14.pdf (Confidential Item) 

50. D-9 Human Resources - Special Action C
Attachment: Special Action C 10 16 14.pdf (Confidential Item) 

Business Affairs

51. D-10 Monthly Financial Report for September, 2014
Attachment: PAGE 1 MONTHLY FIN-Sum Cash-Sept 2014.pdf
Attachment: PAGE 2 MONTHLY FIN GREV Sept, 2014.pdf
Attachment: PAGE 3 MONTHLY FIN GREXP Sept 2014.pdf
Attachment: PAGE 4 MONTHLY FIN DSREVEXP Sept 2014.pdf
Attachment: PAGE 5 Capital Projects Sept 2014.pdf
Attachment: PAGE 6 Capital Projects By Project Sept 2014.pdf
Attachment: PAGE 7 MONTHLY FIN FOOD SERVICE Sept 2014.pdf
Attachment: PAGE 8 MONTHLY FIN SPREV42X Sept 2014.pdf
Attachment: PAGE 9 MONTHLY FIN ARRA-SPREV43X Sept 2014.pdf

Support Services

52. D-11 Authorize Appraisals, Surveys and Environmental Studies of specified parcels of property for School District use
Attachment: Land, 10,16,14.pdf

Presentations from the Audience
Superintendent's Requests
School Board's Requests
Attorney's Requests