Agenda Plus
School Board of Clay County
District Multi-Purpose Center, Corner of Walnut Street and Gratio Place, Green Cove Springs, FL
December 19, 2023 - School Board Workshop
Date: Dec 19 2023 (9:00 a.m.)
Invocation  (Ashley Gilhousen)
Call to Order  (Present: Erin Skipper, District 1; Mary Bolla, District 2; Beth Clark, District 3, Michele Hanson, District 4; Ashley Gilhousen, District 5; and Superintendent David S. Broskie)
Workshop Items
1. Review Draft Agenda for Regular School Board Meeting on January 4, 2024

Recognitions and Presentations:

  • Recognize Schools Earning the Florida Department of Education's Purple Star School of Distinction - no discussion;
  • Ceremonial Signing of the Ratified Clay County Education Association Contract - Superintendent Broskie advised the agreed upon compensation will be in January paychecks retroactive back to July 1, 2023; this was the first year the state loosened the language to allow more payments to veteran teachers; 
  • Ceremonial Signing of the Ratified Clay Educational Staff Professional Association Contract - no discussion; 
  • EDFIRST Citizens Advisory Committee Update - no discussion;

Discussion Agenda:

  • D1 Human Resources Special Action A - no discussion;
  • D2 Human Resources Special Action B - no discussion;
  • D3 Human Resources Special Action C - no discussion;

Consent Agenda:

  • C1 Minutes of School Board Workshop on November 28, 2023; Student Discipline Hearings and Regular Meeting on December 7, 2023 - no discussion;
  • C2 Approve Membership Fee for Board Member Erin Skipper to participate in the Florida Conservative Coalition of School Board Members - Mrs. Gilhousen inquired about the possibility of joining this organization as a board and Mrs. Skipper advised she would research that question; 
  • C3 Personnel Consent Agenda - no discussion;
  • C4 Elementary Student Out of State Travel - no discussion;
  • C5 K-12 Academic Services Out of State and Overnight Student Travel - no discussion;
  • C6 Overnight Field Trip - no discussion;
  • C7 2025 Early College Program Contract Between the School Board of Clay County and District Board of Trustees of St. Johns River State College - no discussion;
  • C8 Proposed Allocation Changes for 2023-2024 - no discussion;
  • C9 Monthly Financial Reports for November, 2023 - no discussion;
  • C10 Budget Amendment Report for November 30, 2023 - no discussion;
  • C11 Deletion of Certain Items Report December, 2023 - no discussion;
  • C12 BID Award - "Pending Vendor Information" - no discussion;
  • C13 Appointments for the Citizens Oversight Committee - no discussion;
  • C14 Schematic/Preliminary/Final (Phase I, II, & III) Plans and Specifications for Middleburg High School Restroom Renovations - no discussion;
  • C15 Schematic/Preliminary/Final (Phase I, II, & III) Plans and Specifications for Clay High School Parking Lot Renovation/Redesign - no discussion;
  • C16 Final Completion of Orange Park Junior High School HVAC Repair/Replacement - no discussion;
  • C17 Approve the 2023/2024 - 2027/2028 Educational Facilities Work Plan - Bryce Ellis, Assistant Superintendent of Operations, distributed documents consisting of the 5-year plan that was submitted to the state in July, the final plan approved in September, and a work plan for capital projects delineating changes that will be transmitted to the state; additional discussion included the prioritization of projects and noted an upcoming presentation to address classroom additions at Lake Asbury Junior and Oakleaf Junior to meet growth and portable reduction; the district continues to work to minimize debt service when planning projects; Mrs. Hanson requested specificity in how the taxpayer dollars are reflected; 
  • C18 Prequalification of Contractors - no discussion;
  • C19 Change Order #2 for Lakeside Junior High School Restroom Renovations - no discussion;
  • C20 Change Order #4 for Middleburg High School Cafeteria Expansion - no discussion;
  • C21 Final Completion of Lakeside Junior High School Restroom Renovations - no discussion;
  • C22 Schematic/Preliminary/Final (Phase I, II, and III) Plans and Specifications for Lakeside Junior High School Restroom/Locker Room Renovations - no discussion.
Questions from the Audience  (None)
Superintendent Comments
2. Superintendent Comments
Safety and Security Update (Dec 19, 2023) (1).pdf
District and School Grades Release (Dec 19, 2023).pdf

Superintendent Broskie shared the attached visual presentations highlighting the following:

  • District Grade
  • School Grades
  • Reflection and Next Steps
  • Safety and Security in Clay
  • Office of Safe Schools Visit
  • Training in the Florida Model

Mrs. Hanson inquired about the teachers' ability to decipher what a threat is, how that information is brought to monthly meetings, how teachers know what to report, and what happens if a situation needs to be addressed prior to the monthly meetings.  Mr. Broskie advised teachers are trained on the reporting process and should report all incidents.  The trained school-based threat management team will decipher the level of concern based on the new Florida Model.  Incidents must be reviewed within two (2) days, based on statutory requirements, and these incidents are then reviewed by the district.  The monthly meeting will include the monitoring of students having difficulty to ensure strategies are working.

Superintendent Broskie distributed a chart delineating 2023-2024 payments to charter schools, identifying the charter schools, funding source, and monthly payments issued by Clay County District Schools.  Susan Legutko, Assistant Superintendent of Business Affairs, advised that the current numbers are based on projected enrollment numbers as the state has not yet released its numbers.

School Board Attorney Comments
3. School Board Attorney Comments

Jeremiah Blocker, School Board Attorney, advised that negotiations with Clay County Sheriff's Office are moving forward, a first draft has been submitted to CCSO, and discussions will include the transfer of property, which is governed by statute.  It is anticipated that the contract may be submitted to the board for approval on the February agenda.

School Board Comments
4. School Board Member Comments

Mrs. Bolla expressed her hope for teachers and staff to enjoy the holidays and take time for themselves.  She experienced a very well-executed fire drill at Shadowlawn Elementary this week and looks forward to the spelling bees that will be held in January.

Mrs. Hanson appreciated the Wilkinson Elementary Chorus and their incredible joy as they performed.  Her focus will be on improving reading so the district can become a leader with students reading on grade level.  Her second focus will be to ensure the budget is as transparent and as easily accessible and understandable as possible.

Mrs. Gilhousen requested the board members' input on committee assignments and indicated she would like to finalize assignments by January.

All board members extended holiday greetings to all.

Adjournment  (10:01 a.m.)
Superintendent of Schools School Board Chair