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Agenda Plus
School Board of Clay County
June 24, 2021 - Regular School Board Meeting
C26 - Synovia GPS Fleet Management Renewal Contract

The Transportation Department is requesting approval to renew the Synovia GPS solution software contract currently in place for 240 school buses.

Gap Analysis

Synovia GPS application software provides daily efficiencies on route changes, health check alerts for every bus operating, and auto-generated reports to assist managers to proactively address issues.

Previous Outcomes

Transportation staff has grown over the last five years using tools available with Synovia to be more proactive instead of reactive.

Expected Outcomes

The transportation department will continue to improve efficiencies on routes, increased cellular coverage with new Synovia tablets.  Bus drivers are accustomed to how Synovia works with pre-tripping and reporting issues.

Strategic Plan Goal

Ensure effective management of the organization, operations, and facilities to maximize the use of resources and promote a safe, efficient, and effective learning environment for Clay County students. 


Approve the renewal for a 60-month lease agreement for 240 school buses.

Bryce Ellis, Assistant Superintendent Operations, (904) 336-6853,,
Derald Sweat, Director of Transportation, (904) 336-0002,
Financial Impact
The lease of GPS equipment equates to a cost of $39.00 per bus per month for 5 years:

2021/2022 - $112,320.00
2022/2023 - $112,320.00
2023/2024 - $112,320.00
2024/2025 - $112,320.00
2026/2027 - $112,320.00
Review Comments
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