Agenda Plus
School Board of Clay County
District Multi-Purpose Center, Corner of Green St. and Gratio Pl., Green Cove Springs, FL 32043
September 28, 2021 - School Board Workshop
Date: Sep 28 2021 (9:00 a.m.)
Invocation  (Ashley Gilhousen)
Call to Order  (Present: Janice Kerekes, District 1; Beth Clark, District 2; Tina Bullock, District 3; Mary Bolla, District 4; Ashley Gilhousen, District 5; and Superintendent David Broskie)
Workshop Items
1. Review Draft Agenda for Regular School Board Meeting on October 7, 2021
October-7-2021-regular-school-board-meeting_agenda_packet (1).pdf


  • 2021-2022 Drug-Free Schools Calendar Winners - no discussion;

Consent Agenda:

  • C1 Minutes of Board Workshop on august 24, 2021; Student Discipline Hearings and Regular Meeting on September 2, 2021 - no discussion;
  • C2 School Board Member Out-of-County Travel Expenses Estimated to Attend FSBA/FADSS 76th Annual Joint Conference - no discussion;
  • C3 Personnel Consent Agenda - no discussion;
  • C4 K-12 Academic Services Out of State and Overnight Student Travel - no discussion;
  • C5 Resident Clinical Faculty Memorandum of Understanding between Clay County District Schools and the University of North Florida - no discussion;
  • C6 Affiliation Agreement between Clay County District Schools and University of North Florida - no discussion;
  • C7 Affiliation Agreement between Clay County District Schools and Old Dominion University - no discussion;
  • C8 Affiliation Agreement between Clay County District Schools and Arkansas State University - no discussion;
  • C9 Proclamation for Red Ribbon Week - no discussion; 
  • C10 Lutheran Services Florida Standard Contract #220043 - no discussion;
  • C11 Proposed Allocation Changes for 2021-2022 - no discussion;
  • C12 Deletion of Certain Items Report - September, 2021 - routine surplus of items;
  • C13 Contract Renewal - County-Wide Professional Mechanical/Electrical Engineering Services Architect/Engineer Agreement - no discussion;
  • C14 Contract Renewal - Benefitfocus Agreement for Web-Based Enrollment and Eligibility Management System RFP # 18-BA-123 - no discussion;
  • C15 Memorandum of Understanding Among the U.S. Naval Criminal Investigative Service and the Participating Federal State, County, and Municipal Agencies in the Southeast Law Enforcement Alliance Project (LEAP) Information Sharing Initiative Known as the Law Enforcement Information Exchange (LINX) - no discussion;
  • C16 Interlocal Agreement to Sell Low-Priced Fuel to the Clay County Board of County Commissioners for Use of Fire and Rescue Vehicles in the Keystone Heights Area - no discussion;
  • C17 Pre-Qualification of Contractors - no discussion;
  • C18 Preliminary (Phase II) Plans and Specifications for Elementary School "R" - Mr. Broskie advised that the cost of construction has increased significantly (approximately $11,000,000) due to industry shortages; personnel from Parrish McCall Constructors Inc. were present to answer any questions; Mrs. Bolla asked about the availability of materials and Mike Walsh, president of Parrish McCall advised that, despite many material shortages and longer lead times, the process was started early enough to ensure all needed materials will be available when needed; school scheduled to open August 2023;
  • C19 Change Order #4 (Direct Purchasing) for Tynes Elementary School New Classroom Addition - no discussion;
  • C20 Project Priority List (P.P.L.) to Identify Eligible Projects for Capital Outlay & Debt Service (C.O. & D.S.) Expenditures - Mrs. Kerekes asked whether the list had to be approved by the state and was provided confirmation that it does;
  • C21 SchoolDude Facility Condition Assessment Contract - Mr. Broskie advised the board of the need to utilize a facility condition assessment, done by an independent outside organization, in order to effectively prioritize projects;

Discussion Agenda:

  • D1 Human Resources Special Action - no discussion;
  • D2 Public Hearing to Approve as Advertised Board Policy, to wit: General Order 9.17, which General Order sets forth requirements relating to school safety, reporting and training, as amended per the requirements of statutory changes - no discussion;
  • D3 Public Hearing to Approve as Advertised Board Policy, to wit; General Order 9.18, which General Order sets forth the Threat Assessment Policy for All Clay County District Schools - no discussion;
2. Attendance Boundary Realignment for Oakleaf High School and Orange Park High School
Boundary Realignment for OHS & OPH.pdf
Re-Districting Presentation_OHS OPH RHS OLJ OPJ.pdf

Jim Fossa, Facilities & Planning, provided the attached visual presentation reflecting current capacity in CCDS junior and senior high schools, planned growth in the Oakleaf area schools, and proposed recommendations to revise boundary lines to achieve appropriate capacity at Oakleaf High School and Oakleaf Junior High.  The proposed zoning changes would be largely reflective of the boundaries in place prior to the construction of Oakleaf Junior and Oakleaf Senior High. 

Matt Boyack, Principal, Oakleaf High School, shared that OHS has approximately 800 students more than the next largest school with growth continually out-pacing the estimates.  There are currently three teachers who "roam" with no dedicated classroom, staff sharing offices, two teachers splitting the same classroom, and 40 portables.  The size of the student body poses an increase in the likelihood of behavioral issues and tardies, which can lead to academic loss and frustration, due to the traffic on the road and the number of students trying to navigate the hallways.  

Ivin Gunder, Principal, Orange Park High School, discussed the positive physical changes being made to the OPH campus as well as the strong relationships and plethora of activities offered.  Mr. Gunder embraces the opportunity to build capacity and affect more lives, enthusiastically welcoming students and parents to share the heart and pride of OPH.

Mr. Broskie pointed out that School Board Policy 6.01(K) stipulates a maximum of 2,500 students at a high school so we must address the current issue.

Mrs. Kerekes requested information re the process of notifying families affected by the change.  Mr. Broskie proposed sending letters to the involved families in addition to hosting community meetings to share additional information and respond to questions.  Mrs. Kerekes indicated that the area being proposed for re-districting makes sense.  She understands the difficulty of change but believes something must be done and this seems to be the most sensible solution.  She is pleased neighborhoods will stay intact and hopes student transportation will not be significantly impacted.

Mrs. Bolla expressed concern over the heavy traffic on Blanding Blvd. and the amount of time transportation might be increased, potentially escalating behavior problems.  She hopes that there can be a focus given to getting students to and from school in a timely manner.

Mrs. Gilhousen is in agreement with thoughts expressed by Mrs. Kerekes and Mrs. Bolla, understanding the difficulty of navigating change and the safety concerns re Blanding Blvd., but believes it is not in the best interests of any students to remain in an overcrowded setting and sees the advantages to this proposal.

Mrs. Bullock perceives overcrowding as the greatest risk posed relative to this situation and expressed the significance of school size being important to reduce with allowance for expected growth.

Mrs. Clark likes that the affected area has already been part of the proposed boundary previously and wants to permit seniors and those attending special programs to remain at OHS.

Additional discussion among board members included the board's desire to allow seniors to remain at OHS and for current 6th graders only to attend the newly re-districted OPJ, with current 7th graders given the option to remain at OLJ or transfer to OPJ.  Current 8th graders would proceed to their newly rezoned high school for 9th grade.  Board members also want to ensure school selection and open enrollment are components of the community meetings so parents are apprised of available choices.  The timeline for proposed changes (written communication to families, community meetings, and agenda approval) was also discussed.

3. School Board Member District Boundaries
Board Member Redistricting 2021 (1).pdf

Jim Fossa, Facilities & Planning, reviewed the attached visual presentation re Florida Statute 1001.36 relative to district school board member residence areas and outlined three proposed options for revising existing boundaries to produce a more equitable distribution of population.

Lengthy discussion ensued re the appropriate deviation to use in this process.  Proposals were prepared based on a deviation of <10%.  Mrs. Kerekes requested Mr. Bickner's opinion re the appropriate deviation, and Mr. Bickner opined that 3% is the maximum desired deviation, nothing higher.  Projected growth in areas was also discussed in relation to the calculated deviations, and clarity was provided that the re-districting is to be accomplished using census numbers only, with no projections of future changes reflected in the calculations.  Mrs. Kerekes requested the board receive additional proposals that abide by the 3% deviation and also requested a copy of the guidelines used in this process.  The board gave direction to obtain clarification on what is required and to produce options that meet those requirements.  Mr. Broskie discussed the timeline within which the work must be accomplished, concluding that a final decision would have to be crafted at least one week prior to the workshop at which the November agenda will be reviewed.  Mrs. Bolla requested that the board receive all information prior to the workshop to allow sufficient opportunity to thoroughly review and prepare for discussion.

Questions from the Audience  (None)
Superintendent Comments
4. Superintendent Comments

Superintendent Broskie shared information released from the State including Clay County District Schools' ranking 9th of 67 districts, with a graduation rate of 93.4%, 4th in the state, and CCDS' highest-ever graduation rate achieved. 

The number of COVID positives cases has gone down significantly, and efforts at mitigation will be continued as school is returned to as normal a state as possible.

School Board Comments
5. School Board Member Comments

Bruce Bickner, School Board Attorney, pursuant to Florida Statute 286.011(8) made a request for the Board to grant a shade meeting for the discussion of a litigation matter.  This meeting will occur at the final portion of the October 7th regular meeting, will be closed to the public, and will be the last item on the board's agenda heard prior to formal adjournment.

Mrs. Bullock requested to receive a school breakdown of the graduation rate data.

Mrs. Clark had an opportunity to hear Chancellor Oliva speak and appreciated his positivity about parents' involvement and what Florida is doing on a state level.

Adjournment  (10:47 a.m.)
Superintendent Board Chair