School District of Clay County
Green Cove Springs, Florida
Teacher Inservice Center - Fleming Island High School
2233 Village Square Parkway
Closed Hearings for Special Student Actions: 3:30 p.m.
Regular Meeting: 7:00 p.m.

April 21, 2016 - Regular Meeting

Pledge of Allegiance
Call to Order
Consent Agenda

1. C-1 Minutes of Special Meeting on March 10, 2016, Student Hearings and Regular Meeting on March 22, 2016, and Workshop/Special Meeting on March 29, 2016
Attachment: Mar 10, 2016 Special Meeting MINUTES.pdf
Attachment: MINUTES Reg Mtg. 03-22-16.pdf
Attachment: Mar 29, 2016 Workshop-Special Meeting MINUTES.pdf
Attachment: 2016 March 22 Discipline.pdf (Confidential Item) 

Deputy Superintendent

2. C-2 Proposed Allocation Changes for 2015-2016
Attachment: Allocation changes 2015-2016.pdf

3. C-3 Proposed Allocation Changes for 2016-2017
Attachment: Allocation Changes 2016-2017.pdf

4. C-4 Proposed Supplement Allocations for 2016-2017
Attachment: 2016-2017 Supplements.pdf

Information and Technology Services

5. C-5 I-TECH Program MOU
Attachment: Clay ITech MOU Revised Final.pdf

Human Resources

6. C-6 Ratify the 2015-2017 Master Contract between the Clay Educational Staff Professional Association and the School Board of Clay County
Attachment: CESPA Ratification Document MASTER B W 2015-2017.pdf

7. C-7 Ratify the 2015-2016 Amendment to the 2015-2017 Master Contract between the Clay County Education Association and the School Board of Clay County
Attachment: CCEA Ratification Doc B W 2015-2016.pdf

8. C-8 Reappointments for 2016-2017 School Year
Attachment: 2016-2017 Reappointment Section I Instructional.pdf
Attachment: 2016-2017 Reappointment Section II. Support.pdf

9. C-9 Personnel Consent Agenda
Attachment: Personnel Consent Agenda 4 21 2016.pdf

10. C-9A Substitute Support Salary Schedule (Non-Bargaining Unit Positions)
Attachment: Revised Section IV 3 Support Salary Schedule Substitutes.pdf

11. C-9B Proclamation #16-16 Administrative Professionals Week (April 24-30, 2016) and Administrative Professionals Day (April 27, 2016)
Attachment: 16-16 Proclamation Administrative Professionals Week (April 24-30, 2016).pdf

12. C-9C Proclamation 16-17 Teacher Appreciation Week (May 2-6, 2016) and Teacher Appreciation Day (May 3, 2016)
Attachment: 16-17 Proclamation Teacher Appreciation Week (May 2-6, 2016).pdf


13. C-10 2015-2016 Title I Private School Reciprocal Agreement with St. Johns County School District
Attachment: 2015-2016 Private School Reciprocal Agreement St. Johns County.pdf

14. C-11 Overnight and Out-of-State Student travel for CTE
Attachment: CTE Overnight Board Documentation April 2016.pdf

15. C-12 Mileage paid to Parents and Group Homes for 2016-17.
16. C-13 Division of Administrative Hearings 2016-17.
17. C-14 Continue training in the Safe Crisis Management Program for ESE employees 2016-17.
18. C-15 Proclamation #16-14 National School Nurse Day May 11, 2016
Attachment: 16-14 Proclamation Natl School Nurse Day.pdf

19. C-16 Agreement with Safe and Civil Schools to provide Foundations Schoolwide Behavior Management Training September 28-29, 2016 and February 1-2, 2017
Attachment: 2016-2017 Safe and Civil Schools Agreement.pdf

20. C-17 K-12 Academic Support Services - Student Travel
Attachment: April 2016 - Student Travel.pdf

21. C-18 Approve Consultant Agreement with Parrish and Associates, Inc.
Attachment: Number Talks Consultant Agreement 6.21.16.pdf (Confidential Item)

22. C-19 Request Approval of Contract with
Attachment: Agreement with Code.Org.pdf

23. C-20 Request Approval of Purchase Order for Contracted Services from Discovery Education
Attachment: 1.pdf
Attachment: 2.pdf
Attachment: 3.pdf
Attachment: 4.pdf

24. C-21 Request Approval of Purchase Order for Contracted Services from Carnegie Learning
Attachment: 1.pdf
Attachment: 2.pdf
Attachment: 3.pdf

25. C-22 Agreement with Family Support Services of North Florida, Inc. for SEDNET, May 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017.
Attachment: Family Support Services of North Florida SEDNET..pdf

Business Affairs

26. C-23 Monthly Property Report - March, 2016 - Furniture/Equipment
Attachment: Furniture-Equipment Report-March, 2016.pdf

27. C-24 Monthly Property Report - March, 2016 - AV Materials
Attachment: Audiovisual Report-March, 2016.pdf

28. C-25 Monthly Property Report - March, 2016 - Software
Attachment: Software Report-March, 2016.pdf

29. C-26 Monthly Property Report - March, 2016 - Vehicles
Attachment: Vehicles Report-March, 2016.pdf

30. C-27 Deletion of Certain Items Report - April, 2016
Attachment: Deletion Report-April, 2016.pdf
Attachment: Deletion Report (Attachment)-April, 16.pdf

31. C-28 Budget Amendments for the Month of March 2016
Attachment: March 2016 Board Impact Stmt.pdf
Attachment: March 2016 Board BA.pdf

32. C-29 Warrants and Vouchers for March 2016

33. C-30 Monthly Financial Report for March, 2016
Attachment: March FS.pdf
Attachment: 2016 School Food Service.pdf
Attachment: 2016 Capital Projects.pdf

34. C-31 Agreement between the School Board of Clay County and Risk Consulting Services, Inc. to perform the Actuarial study of our Workers' Compensation, Automobile and General Liability Self-Insurance Claims Fund
Attachment: Actuarial Analysis Email March 17, 2016 Board Mtg.pdf

35. C-32 Approve Agreement with Wilson Education Center
Attachment: Wilson Education Center Contract April 2016.pdf

36. C-33 Bids to Be Awarded April 2016
37. C-34 Proclamation #16-15 School Nutrition Employee Week, May 2-6, 2016
Attachment: 16-15 School Nutrition Employee Week 2016.pdf

Support Services

38. C-35 Pre-Qualification of Contractors
Attachment: Contractor List 4,21,16.pdf

39. C-36 OakLeaf Junior High School Locker Room Renovation Contract Award
Attachment: Bid Tab OLJ Locker Rm Reno.pdf

40. C-37 Clay Hill Elementary School Fire Alarm Replacement
Attachment: CHE Bid Tab.pdf

41. C-38 Current and Projected Career and Adult Education Program/Facility Needs (DVE Form 768)
Attachment: DVE From 768.pdf

Adoption of Consent Agenda
42. Adoption of Consent Agenda

Recognitions and Awards
43. Recognition of District Art and Essay Winners
44. Recognition of District and State Science Fair Winners
45. Recognize Pauline Jackson, North East Florida's School Psychologist of the Year

46. Presentation about SDCC School Libraries
47. Presentation: St. Johns River State Collegiate High School at Orange Park High
48. Presentation on Instructional Materials Adoption Process

Scheduled Citizen Requests
Discussion Agenda

49. D-1 Superintendent's Update
Human Resources

50. D-2 Human Resources - Special Action A
Business Affairs

51. D-3 Fiscal Year Audit 2014-2015
Attachment: State of Florida Auditor General's Report No.2016-157.pdf

Support Services

52. D-4 Public Hearing to approve, as advertised, the attendance boundary for Plantation Oaks Elementary and OakLeaf Village Elementary Schools
Attachment: Maps POE & OVE.pdf

53. D-5 Public Hearing to approve, as advertised, Reclassify Argyle Elementary School from a Pre-K to 5th Grade to a Pre-K to 6th Grade
Attachment: Maps Reclassify AES PK-6.pdf

54. D-6 Public Hearing to approve, as advertised, the attendance boundary for RideOut Elementary, Doctors Inlet Elementary, Paterson Elementary, Charles E. Bennett Elementary and Lake Asbury Elementary Schools
Attachment: Maps ROE, DIS, PES, CEB LAE.pdf

55. D-7 Public Hearing to approve, as advertised, the attendance boundary for Plantation Oaks Elementary and Tynes Elementary Schools
Attachment: Maps POE & TES.pdf

56. D-8 Public Hearing to approve, as advertised, the attendance boundary for Green Cove Springs Junior High, Wilkinson Junior High and Lake Asbury Junior High Schools
Attachment: Maps GCJ, WJH, LAJ.pdf

57. D-9 Public Hearing to approve, as advertised, the attendance boundary for Clay High and Middleburg High Schools
Attachment: Maps CHS & MHS.pdf

Presentations from the Audience
Superintendent's Requests
School Board's Requests
Attorney's Requests