School District of Clay County
Green Cove Springs, Florida
Teacher Inservice Center - Fleming Island High School
2233 Village Square Parkway

Hearings for Special Actions regarding Students - 4:00 p.m.

August 17, 2006 Regular Meeting

Pledge of Allegiance
Call to Order
Consent Agenda

1. C-1 Minutes of workshop of July 13, 2006; joint meeting with BCC on July 19, 2006; SPR/discipline hearings and regular meeting of July 20, 2006; special meeting of July 31, 2006 (Revised)
Attachment: MinutesJul3106.pdf
Attachment: Jul1306.pdf
Attachment: Jul19BCCMinutes.pdf
Attachment: Jul2006Disc.pdf (Confidential Item) 

Attachment: Jul20Minutes.pdf
Attachment: Jul2006SPR.pdf
School Board Attorney

Deputy Superintendent

2. C-2 Florida Youth Challenge Academy Student/Employee Work Calendar 2006-2007 (Revised)
Attachment: 2006-2007 FYCA Student-Employee Calendar.pdf
3. C-3 2006-2007 Daily Hours for Teachers and Students (Revised)
Attachment: Daily Hours for Teachers and Student 2006-2007.pdf
4. C-4 Teacher Representative Regarding Paperwork and Data Collection Reduction (F.S. 1001.42(22)) (Revised)
5. C-5 Staff Allocations - 2006-2007 (Revised)
Attachment: Staff Allocation Amendments 2006-2007.pdf
6. C-6 Amendments to CCSB Policy 4.06, Student Assignment (Revised)
Attachment: CCSB Policy 4.06 Student Assignment.pdf
7. C-7 Amendments to CCSB Policy 4.07, Student Admission and Enrollment (Revised)
Attachment: CCSB Policy 4.07 Student Admission and Enrollment.pdf
Information Services

Human Resources

8. C-8 Personnel Consent Agenda (Revised)
Attachment: Personnelconsentagenda0806.pdf
9. C-9 2006-2007 Salary Schedule, Sections II, II, IV and V (Revised)
Attachment: 20062007SalarySchedule.pdf

10. C-10 Consultant Services for CEB - Ron Large (Revised)
Attachment: Ron Large RESUME.pdf
11. C-11 Co-Enrollee list for July 2006 (Revised)
Attachment: Co-Enrollee list for July 2006.pdf (Confidential Item) 
12. C-12 Form of agreement between elementary principals and after school program "Young Rembrandts". (Revised)
13. C-13 Interinstitutional Articulation Agreement (Dual Enrollment) (Revised)
Attachment: Interinstitutional Articulation Agreement.pdf
14. C-14 2006-2007 Interagency Agreement between the School Board of Clay County (SBCC) and Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) regarding Take Stock in Children (TSIC) (Revised)
Attachment: YMCA.pdf
15. C-15 2006-2007 Safety and Education Artuiculation Agreement between the School Board of Clay County and the Orange Park Town Council, Town of Orange Park, and the Orange Park Police Department (Revised)
Attachment: Safety and Education Articulation Agreement OPPD 2.pdf
16. C-16 2006-2007 Safety and Education Articulation Agreement between the School Board of Clay County and the City Council of the City of Green Cove Springs and the Green Cove Springs Police Department (Revised)
Attachment: Safety and Education Articulation Agreement GCSPD 2.pdf
17. C-17 Contracting for Interpreter services (Revised)
18. C-18 Addendum to Head Start contract to provide ESE consultation for 2006-2007 (Revised)
19. C-19 Pay mileage at 44.5 cents/mile to have parents or group homes transport certain ESE students for student school year 2006-2007 (Revised)
20. C-20 Bannerman Learning Center Placement in Lieu of Expulsion and ESE Alternative School Update (Revised)
Attachment: BLC placements aug 06.pdf
21. C-21 Student Travel (Revised)
Attachment: Student Travel-Board Backup-August 17, 2006.pdf
22. C-22 Interagency Agreement for the Andrew Jackson Liberty Fellowship Grant (Revised)
Attachment: TAH claycounty year 1contract.pdf
Attachment: TAH interagency Evaluations Solution.pdf
Attachment: TAH interagency LearnersOnline.pdf
Business Affairs

23. C-23 Monthly Property Report - July, 2006 - Furniture/Equipment (Revised)
Attachment: Furniture-Equipment Report-July, 06.pdf
24. C-24 Monthly Property Report - July, 2006 - AV Materials (Revised)
Attachment: Audiovisual Report-July, 06.pdf
25. C-25 Monthly Property Report - July, 2006 - Software (Revised)
Attachment: Software Report-July, 06.pdf
26. C-26 Monthly Property Report - July, 2006 - Vehicles (Revised)
Attachment: Vehicles Report-July, 06.pdf
27. C-27 Deletion of Certain Items Report - August, 2006 (Revised)
Attachment: Monthly Deletion Report-August, 06.pdf
Attachment: Monthly Deletion Report (Attachments)-August, 06.pdf
28. C-28 Warrants and Vouchers for JULY, 2006 (Revised)
29. C-29 Bid to be awarded August 2006 (Revised)
Attachment: BID - AUGUST 2006.pdf
30. C-30 Contract for St. Lukes/Mayo Clinic Dietetic Interns (Revised)
Attachment: 20060809142750642.pdfSFS
Support Services

31. C-31 Change Order #1 for Orange Park Junior High School Fire Alarm Replacement (Revised)
Attachment: CO1.OPJH.FA.pdf
32. C-32 W. E. Cherry Elementary School Fire Alarm Replacement Substantial Completion (Revised)
Attachment: SC.WEC.FA.pdf
33. C-33 Amendment to the 2003-2004 and 2005-2006 Classrooms For Kids Program Funding Distribution (Revised)
Attachment: Clsrm for Kids Amendment 03.04 & 05.06.pdf
34. C-34 Change Order #3 for Middleburg High School Chiller Replacement (Revised)
Attachment: CO3.MHS.Chiller.pdf
35. C-35 Schematic/Preliminary (Phase I & II) Plans and Specifications for Elementary Schools “W” and “R” (Revised)
36. C-36 Orange Park Junior High School Fire Alarm Replacement Substantial Completion (Revised)
Attachment: SC.OPJH.FireAlarm.pdf
37. C-37 Middleburg High School Chiller Replacement Substantial Completion (Revised)
Attachment: SC.MHS.Chiller.pdf
38. C-38 Doctors Inlet Elementary Parking Improvements Substantial Completion (Revised)
Attachment: DIS Sub. Comp..pdf
39. C-39 Change Order #6 (Direct Purchasing) for Oakleaf School (Revised)
Attachment: CO 6 OLS.pdf
40. C-40 Pre-Qualification of Contractors (Revised)
Attachment: Contractors, Aug.pdf
41. C-41 Final (Phase III) Plans and Specifications for Charles E. Bennett Elementary Classroom Replacement (Revised)
42. C-42 Change Order #4 (Direct Purchasing) for Fleming Island Elementary Permanent Classroom Addition (Revised)
Attachment: Chnage Order 4, FIE.pdf
43. C-43 Change Order #5 (Direct Purchasing) for Coppergate Elementary (Revised)
Attachment: Change Order 5, CGE.pdf
44. C-44 Change Order #5 for Fleming Island Elementary Permanent Classroom Addition (Revised)
Attachment: Change Order 5, FIE.pdf
45. C-45 Fleming Island Elementary Permanent Classroom Addition Substantial Completion (Revised)
Attachment: Sub Comp FIE.pdf
46. C-46 Middleburg Elementary School Re-Roof Buildings 2 & 7 Substantial Completion (Revised)
Attachment: SC.MBE.Roof 002.pdf
47. C-47 Clay Hill Elementary School Re-Roof Buildings 1, 2, 3 & 4 Substantial Completion (Revised)
Attachment: SC.CHE.Roof.pdf
48. C-48 Agreement between School Board of Clay County and Peters Creek Investments, LLC for Saratoga Springs, a Development of Regional Impact (Revised)
Attachment: Interlocal agmt on impact fee credits ver 2 (00136849-11)3.pdf

Adoption of Consent Agenda
49. Adoption of all remaining Consent Items (above)

Recognitions and Awards
50. Oakleaf School Completion (Mr. Elliott)
51. Five Star School Awards (Ms. Graham)

Scheduled Citizen Requests
52. Tamara Triest Flanders on behalf of Forest Hills Property Owner's Association in Keystone Heights regarding school bus stop issues
53. Duane Mitchell regarding Pebble Creek community in Argyle area

54. Dr. Pam Mullarkey, Project SOS

Discussion Agenda

School Board Attorney

Deputy Superintendent

55. Public Hearing/CCSB Policy 4.01 Attendance/Truancy (Revised)
Attachment: CCSB Policy 4.01 Attendance-Truancy.pdf
56. Public Hearing/CCSB Policy 4.16 Release of Student During School Day (Revised)
Attachment: CCSB Policy 4.16 Release of Student During School Day.pdf
Information Services

Human Resources


57. Public Hearing for Student Progression Plan for 2006-2007 (Revised)
Attachment: Public Hearing for Student Progression Plan-Board Backup-August 17, 2006.pdf
Business Affairs

Support Services

58. Receive Clay District Enrollment Projections
Attachment: Aug17ClayEnrollmentBackUp.pdf
59. Receive Initiatives for establishing the Level Of Service (L.O.S.) (Revised)
Attachment: Aug17LOSInitiativesBackUp.pdf
60. Receive the Tiered Level of Service (L.O.S.) (Revised)
Attachment: Utilization to 2015-1016.pdf
Attachment: Tiered LOS.pdf
61. Receive Interlocal Agreement for Coordinated Planning, Public Educational Facility Siting and Review and School Concurrency in Clay County (Revised)
Attachment: Clay County Draft ILA Clean 8-09-2006.pdf
62. Use of Educational Facilities for County Recreational Purposes
Attachment: Aug17EdFacRecreationBackUp.pdf

Presentations from the Audience
Superintendent Requests
School Board's Requests