School District of Clay County
Green Cove Springs, Florida
Teacher Inservice Center - Fleming Island High School
2233 Village Square Parkway

MARCH 16, 2006

Hearings For Special Actions Regarding Students - 4:00 PM
Immediately following the regular meeting, the School Board will hold a "Closed Session" for the purpose of discussing a School Security System Plan.

March Regular Meeting

Pledge of Allegiance
Call to Order
Consent Agenda

1. C-1 Minutes of student disciplinary hearings and regular meeting of February 16, 2006 (Revised)
Attachment: DRAFTFebMinutes.pdf
Attachment: Feb1605Disc.pdf (Confidential Item) 
School Board Attorney

Deputy Superintendent

2. C-2 Amendments to the 2005-2006 Staff Allocations (Revised)
Attachment: Allocation Summary 2005-2006.pdf
3. C-3 Amendments to the 2006-2007 Staff Allocations (Revised)
Attachment: Allocation Summary - 2006-2007.pdf
4. C-4 2006-2007 Daily Hours for Teachers and Students (Revised)
Attachment: Daily Hours for Teacher and Students - 2006-2007.pdf
Information Services

Human Resources

5. C-5 Personnel Consent Agenda (Revised)
Attachment: consentagenda31606.pdf
6. C-6 Resolution for District Participation in Crown Consortium for 2006 - 2007 (Revised)
Attachment: CrownResolution06-07.pdf
7. C-7 Clay County School Board's CCEA and CESPA Bargaining Team Members for 2006-2007 (Revised)
Attachment: bargainingteam200607.pdf

8. C-8 District Improvement Plan and the District Assistance and Intervention Plan 2005 - 2006 (Revised)
Attachment: District Improvement Plan and the District Assistance and Intervention Plan.pdf
9. C-9 School Advisory Council Composition Up-dates (Revised)
Attachment: AES MEMBERS.pdf
Attachment: FIH 3 8 06 SAC Membership Report.pdf
Attachment: up dated 1 11 2006 KHHS SACmembers.pdf
Attachment: up dated 1 25 2006 LJH MEMBERS (2).pdf
Attachment: up dated 11 3 2005 RVE MEMBERS.pdf
Attachment: up dated 11 6 2005 TBE School Advisory Council Membership Report.pdf
Attachment: up-dated 3 3 06 MBE Mbrship Rpt.pdf
Attachment: up-dated 3 6 06 MHS sac member roster.pdf
Attachment: up-dated 3 7 06 ROE MEMBERS.pdf
Attachment: Up-dated WJH 3 0 06 SAC MEMBERS 2005-06.pdf
10. C-10 School Library Media Month (Revised)
Attachment: School Library Media Month document.pdf
Attachment: School Library Media Month proclamation.pdf
11. C-11 Manual of Procedures for School Media Services (Revised)
Attachment: Media Procedure Manual Board Backup Sheet.doc
Attachment: Media Procedures Manual Part I 0306.pdf
Attachment: Media Procedures Manual Part II 0306.pdf
12. C-12 Co-Enrollee list for February 2006 (Revised)
Attachment: Co-Enrollee list for February 2006.pdf
13. C-13 Consultant services for a Reading and Writing Training for teachers of grades K-6 (Revised)
Attachment: Agreement for Services bloor and pinchot.pdf
Attachment: Alicia Pinchot.doc
Attachment: VITA KIMBERLY ANN BLOOR resume 2004.doc
14. C-14 Audit 2005 Clay County Education Foundation (Revised)
Attachment: Financial Statement & Audit Rep.pdf
15. C-15 Bannerman Learning Center Placements in Lieu of Expulsion and ESE Alternative School Update (Revised)
Attachment: BLC Placements in lieu of expulsion for Board without names.pdf
16. C-16 Clay County ESE students to participate in Very Special Arts (VSA) on April 28, 2006 at the Clay County Fair Grounds. (Revised)
17. C-17 Grants (Revised)
18. C-18 Student Travel (Revised)
19. C-19 Quarterly travel log for student travel (Revised)
20. C-20 2005-2006 Proclamation endorsing Juvenile Justice Week, March 13-17, 2006 (Revised)
Attachment: Proclamation for JJ wk.pdf
21. C-21 Consultant, Mark Thompson, for Clay County Tech Prep Summer Institute at $3,000 per day (Revised)
Attachment: thompsonattach.pdf
Business Affairs

22. C-22 Monthly Property Report-February, 2006 - Furniture/Equipment (Revised)
Attachment: February 06-Furn-Equip Report.pdf
23. C-23 Monthly Property Report-February, 2006 - Software (Revised)
Attachment: February 06-Software Report.pdf
24. C-24 Monthly Property Report-February, 2006 - AV Materials (Revised)
Attachment: February 06-AudioVisual Report.pdf
25. C-25 Monthly Property Report-February, 2006 - Vehicles (Revised)
Attachment: February 06-Vehicles Report.pdf
26. C-26 Deletion of Certain Items Report-March, 2006 (Revised)
Attachment: February 06-Deletion Report Attachments.pdf
Attachment: February 06-Deletion Report.pdf
27. C-27 Budget Amendments for the Month of February, 2006 (Revised)
Attachment: FEB AGENDA-budget cover sheet(impact stmt).pdf
28. C-28 Monthly Financial Report for February, 2006 (Revised)
Attachment: MONTHLY FINANCIAL FEB,2006.xls
29. C-29 Day Camp Proposal between Dye-Clay Family YMCA & Argyle Elementary, Montclair Elementary, Middleburg Elementary, Thunderbolt Elementary, and Green Cove Springs Junior High (In place of Charles E. Bennett due to School Construction Projects) (Revised)
30. C-30 Warrants and Vouchers for FEBRUARY, 2006 (Revised)
31. C-31 Bids To Be Awarded in March 2006 (Revised)
Attachment: Bids to be Awarded.pdf
32. C-32 Bid Renewals March 2006 (Revised)
Attachment: Bid Renewals.pdf
Support Services

33. C-33 Pre-Qualification of Contractors (Revised)
Attachment: Contractors 3,16,06.pdf
34. C-34 District Facility Lists for Elementary, Junior High and High School (Revised)
Attachment: Fac List High.pdf
Attachment: Fac List Jr High.pdf
Attachment: Fac List Pk-6.pdf
35. C-35 Appraisal and Survey on Roderigo Property (Revised)
Attachment: Survey Appraisal Roderigo 3,16,06.pdf
36. C-36 Change Order #1 (Direct Purchasing) for Fleming Island Elementary Permanent Classroom Addition (Revised)
Attachment: CngOrder1,FIE.rtf
Attachment: FIE CO #1 DP Justification.xls
37. C-37 Change Order #2 (Direct Purchasing) for Coppergate Elementary (Revised)
Attachment: CGE CO 2 DP.xls
Attachment: CngOrder2,CGE.rtf
38. C-38 Change Order #3 (Direct Purchasing) for Oakleaf School (Revised)
Attachment: CO 3 Oakleaf 3.16.06.pdf
Attachment: CO 3 Oakleaf DP Worksheet.xls
39. C-39 Construction contract award for Re-Roofing Building 32 County Office Property Control Warehouse (Revised)
Attachment: GreenCove BidTab.2.pdf
40. C-40 Construction contract award for Fire Alarm Replacement Buildings 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 at Orange Park Junior High School (Revised)
Attachment: opjh.firealarm.pdf
41. C-41 Construction contract award for Boiler Underground Fuel Tank Replacement at S. Bryan Jennings Elementary School (Revised)
Attachment: sbj.ugt.pdf

Adoption of Consent Agenda
42. Adoption of all remaining Consent Items (above) (Revised)

Recognitions and Awards
43. Recognize Kaitlyn Michelle Burgess as the Governor's High School All-Star for Clay County (Superintendent Owens/Ms. Martin) (Revised)

Scheduled Citizen Requests (None)
Presenters (None)
Discussion Agenda

44. Clay County Agricultural Fair Resolution
Attachment: FairResolution.pdf
School Board Attorney

Deputy Superintendent

Information Services

Human Resources

45. Division of Human Resources - Special Actions (Revised)
Attachment: 03162006DisciplineActions.pdf (Confidential Item) 

46. 2006/07 Special Pupil Requests; 2006/07 Non-Resident Admissions Guidelines
Attachment: 0506 SPA & Non-Res. Guidelines1.pdf
Attachment: 12414 SPA Form 2006.pdf
Attachment: 12440-Renewal SPA 2006.pdf
Attachment: 12495 Non-Resident Admission.pdf
Business Affairs

47. Auditor General's Report for the 2004-2005 Audit
Attachment: 20060306141935009_A.pdf
Attachment: 20060306141935009_B.pdf
Attachment: 20060306141935009_C.pdf
48. Payment of Florida School Boards Association Annual Dues for fiscal year 2006-07 (Revised)
Attachment: DUES MEMO.pdf
Attachment: Invoice # 7592.PDF
Support Services

49. Educational Plant Survey 2006-2010 (Revised)
Attachment: Clay County Survey, Jan 2006.pdf
Attachment: Summary of Changes, 2006.doc

Presentations from the Audience
Superintendent Requests
School Board's Requests