School District of Clay County
Green Cove Springs, Florida
Teacher Inservice Center - Fleming Island High School
2233 Village Square Parkway
Hearings for Special Actions regarding Students - 5:00 p.m.

November 18, 2014 - Regular Meeting

Pledge of Allegiance
Call to Order
Consent Agenda

1. C-1 Minutes of Student Hearings and Regular Meeting on October 16, 2014
Attachment: Disciplinary Minutes-2014 October 16.pdf (Confidential Item) 

Attachment: Regular Meeting 10-16-14.pdf

2. C-2 Reschedule Regular December School Board meeting from December 18, 2014, to Tuesday, December 16, 2014
School Board Members

3. C-2A Accept resignation of School Board Attorney, J. Bruce Bickner, effective December 31, 2014 (Mrs. McKinnon)
Attachment: RESIGNATION LETTER (3).pdf

Deputy Superintendent

4. C-5 Proposed Allocation Changes for 2014-2015
Attachment: Allocation Summary - November 18, 2014.pdf

5. C-6 Warranty Reimbursement Agreement
Attachment: Warranty Reimbursement Agreement.pdf

6. C-7 Vector Security
Attachment: Vector Security.pdf

7. C-8 Memorandum of Understanding between Bright Minds Youth Development Inc. and the School District of Clay County

Human Resources

8. C-9 Personnel Consent Agenda
Attachment: Personnel Consent Agenda 11-18-2014.pdf

9. C-10 Affiliation Agreement with Capella University
Attachment: Afilliation Agreement with Capella 11 18 2014.pdf

10. C-11 Approve for advertising amendments to School Board Policy 6GX-10-2.03, Position Availability
Attachment: ^2.03 Position Availability .pdf


11. C-12 Contract with Thrasher-Horne
Attachment: thrasher horne for robotics.pdf

12. C-13 Affiliation Agreement between CCSD and Orange Park Medical Center
Attachment: Affiliation Agreement with OPMC Nov, 2014.pdf

13. C-14 Student Travel
Attachment: Nov 2014 - Student Travel.pdf

14. C-15 Clay County Sheriff's Office Off Duty Contract
Attachment: Nov 2014 - Clay County Sheriff's Office Off Duty Contract.pdf

15. C-16 Addendum to 2014-15 St. Johns River State College Dual Enrollment Articulation Agreement
Attachment: Nov 2014 - Addendum to 2014-15 SJRSC Dual Enrollment Articulation Agreement.pdf

16. C-17 All County Chorus Concert Consultant Services Agreeement - Michelle Bendett
Attachment: Nov 2014 - M. Bendett - All Chorus Consultant Agreement.pdf

17. C-18 All County Chorus Concert Consultant Services Agreement - Timothy Peter
Attachment: Nov 2014 - T. Peter - All Chorus Consultant Agreement.pdf

18. C-19 SEDNET - Lutheran Services Florida (LSF) Amendment 100
Attachment: SEDNET LSF Amendment 100.pdf

19. C-20 Request for Consultant Services
Attachment: SEDNET tonier cain resume 2014.pdf
Attachment: SEDNET Tonier Cain contract.pdf

20. C-21 Charter/Contract for Florida Charter Educational Foundation, Inc. d.b.a. Clay Charter Academy
Business Affairs

21. C-22 Monthly Property Report - October, 2014 - Furniture/Equipment
Attachment: Furniture-Equipment Report-October, 14.pdf

22. C-23 Monthly Property Report - October, 2014 - AV Materials
Attachment: Audiovisual Report-October, 14.pdf

23. C-24 Monthly Property Report - October, 2014 - Software
Attachment: Software Report-October, 14.pdf

24. C-25 Monthly Property Report - October, 2014 - Vehicles
Attachment: Vehicles Report-October, 14.pdf

25. C-26 Deletion of Certain Items Report - November, 2014
Attachment: Deletion Report-November, 14.pdf
Attachment: Deletion Report (Attachment)-November, 14.pdf

26. C-27 Approve Advertisement of Amended Notice of Tax for School Capital Outlay for 2014-15 School Year
Attachment: Amended Notice of Tax for School Capital Outlay Nov2014.pdf

27. C-28 Payment of Bonds for the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Board Member(s)
28. C-29 Bank Resolutions Due to Change of School Board Chairman and Vice-Chairman
29. C-30 Agreement Between the School Board and WEX Bank
Attachment: The School Board of Clay CountyWEX-EEA-GGL-9-24 14.pdf
Attachment: TheSchoolBoardOfClayCounty-WEX_I-9 EmployerCertificationGGL-9-24-14.pdf
Attachment: WEX BANK_Fee Schedule_L4_091814.pdf

30. C-31 Budget Amendments for the Month of October, 2014
Attachment: budget cover sheet(impact stmt).pdf
Attachment: October 2014 Budget Amendments.pdf

31. C-32 Bid to Be Awarded November 2014
32. C-33 Warrants and Vouchers for October 2014
Attachment: WARRANTS AND VOUCHERS 2014 OCT.pdf

33. C-34 Approve for advertising amendments to School Board Policy 6GX-10-5.02A, General Policies, Purchasing
Attachment: ^5.02 A Bus Affairs, Purchasing.pdf

Support Services

34. C-35 Honeywell International, Inc. End Users Agreement
Attachment: Honeywell End Users Agreement 11.18.14.pdf

35. C-36 Out of State Travel Notifier Fire Alarm System
Attachment: Out of State Travel 11.18.14.pdf

36. C-37 Pre-Qualification of Contractors
Attachment: Contractor List 11,18,14.pdf

37. C-38 Clay County Utility Authority Certificate of Construction Completion for Ridgeview High School Cafeteria Expansion Phase II
Attachment: CCUA Cert of Constr Compl RHS.pdf

38. C-39 Additive Change Order #8 for Ridgeview High School Cafeteria Expansion, Phase II
Attachment: CO 8, RHS Cafe Exp.pdf

39. C-40 Final Completion of Ridgeview High School Cafeteria Expansion Phases I & II
Attachment: Final Comp RHS PH I.pdf
Attachment: Final Comp RHS PH II.pdf

40. C-41 Orange Park High School Smoke Corridor Building 1, Phase I Contract Award
Attachment: Bid Tab OPH Smoke Corridor Rebid.pdf

41. C-42 Submit boundary survey on new parcel for proposed Elementary School “R” land swap
Attachment: Proposed R1.pdf
Attachment: Site R2.pdf
Attachment: Ad_Property_Elem R.pdf

Adoption of Consent Agenda
42. Adoption of Consent Agenda

Recognitions and Awards
43. Administrator Advocacy Award for Karen Robinson

Presenters (None)
Scheduled Citizen Requests
44. Dianna Larkin - Recognizing and Responding to Bullying Behaviors in Student-Teacher-Administrator Interactions

Discussion Agenda

45. D-1 Superintendent's Update
School Board Members

46. D-3 Authorize Superintendent of Schools, on behalf of the School Board, to contract for temporary legal services (Mrs. McKinnon)
47. D-4 Discuss language for a revision to School Board Policy 6GX-10-1.02.F. School Board Rules, pertaining to procedures for revisions (Mrs. McKinnon)
48. C-3 Approve for advertising amendments to School Board Policy 6GX-10-1.02, The District School Board (Mrs. McKinnon)
Attachment: ^1.02 The District School Board .pdf

49. C-4 Approve for advertising amendments to School Board Policy 6GX-10-1.03, The Superintendent of Schools (Mrs. McKinnon)
Attachment: ^1.03C Salary of Supt .pdf
Attachment: ^1.03 D Appointment of Superintendent.pdf

Human Resources

50. D-5 Human Resources Special Action A
Attachment: Human Resources Special Action A 11 18 2014.pdf (Confidential Item) 

Business Affairs

51. D-6 Monthly Financial Report for October, 2014
Attachment: MONTHLY FIN GREV Oct 2014.pdf
Attachment: MONTHLY FIN GREXP Oct 2014.pdf
Attachment: MONTHLY FIN DSREVEXP Oct 2014.pdf
Attachment: Monthly Fin Capital Projects Oct 2014.pdf
Attachment: Capital Projects By Project Oct 2014.pdf
Attachment: MONTHLY FIN FOOD SERVICE Oct 2014.pdf
Attachment: MONTHLY FIN SPREV42X Oct 2014.pdf
Attachment: MONTHLY FIN ARRA-SPREV43X Oct 2014.pdf
Attachment: MONTHLY FIN INSURANCE Oct 2014.pdf
Attachment: MONTHLY FIN-Sum Cash-Oct 2014.pdf

Presentations from the Audience
Superintendent's Requests
School Board's Requests
Attorney's Requests