Agenda Plus
School Board of Clay County
Teacher Inservice Center, 2233 Village Square Parkway, Fleming Island, FL
January 7, 2021- Regular School Board Meeting
Date: Jan 07 2021 (6:00 p.m.)
Student Showcase  (None)
Invocation  (Reverend Patrick Martin, Russell Baptist Church)
Pledge of Allegiance
Call to Order  (Present: Janice Kerekes, District 1; Beth Clark, District 2, Tina Bullock, District 3; Mary Bolla, District 4; Ashley Gilhousen, District 5; Superintendent David Broskie)
Recognitions and Awards
1. Recognize President's Volunteer Service Award Recipients

Superintendent Broskie and Christine Howell, Teacher, Orange Park High, recognized student recipients of The President's Volunteer Service Award, a prestigious national honor that highlights students' commitment to serving the community and the nation -

  • Reagan Elia (10th) - OPH
  • Anna Keene (12th) - OPH
  • Benjamin Boatright (12th) - OPH
  • Katlyn Griffin (11th) - MHS
  • Hailey Alilio (7th) - LAJ

Students were presented with certificates from The White House and Clay County District Schools.

2. Recognize the 2020 Clay County Academic Team

Treasure Pickett, Director K-12 Academic Services, introduced Kenneth Remsen, Teacher Clay High School, for the recognition of the achievements of the 2020 Academic Team Season - 

Lake Asbury Junior High - undefeated season and County Champion in the Junior High School category

  • Riley Chapman
  • Ashlyn Amburgey
  • Massi Zori
  • Ward Parker
  • Lily Phillips
  • Dylan Collins
  • Tyler Collins
  • Prisha Dabhi
  • Charlotte Googin

Fleming Island High - County Champion in the Junior Varsity High School category -

  • William Hughes (MVP)
  • Jennifer Zheng
  • Grace Pearce
  • Bayan Mahmoodi
  • Audrey Freehafer
  • Hayden Patalinghug
  • Brady White
  • Zeinab Faraj
  • Ethan Taing

Oakleaf High - County Champion in the Varsity High School category -

  • Tara Mahmoud
  • Larissa Phung
  • Julianna Lee
  • Lilly Justice
  • Andrew Bevis
  • Ty Villalon
  • Chloe Dupree
  • Maggie Davis
  • Caden Henderson
  • Jarahn Johnson
  • Joe Antonacci

The High School Varsity coaches also selected one team member from each team to create a celebratory All County Team -

  • Middleburg High School - Emma Howle
  • Orange Park High School - Darby Mason
  • Oakleaf High School - Joe Antonacci
  • Clay High School - Emma Glazener
  • Ridgeview High School - Nicole Lunsford
  • Fleming Island High School - Lucas Schreiber

Joel Miller and Julie Miller were also honored for their assistance and commitment to the students' teams.

3. Orange Park Art Guild Recognition

Tina Bullock, Board Member, presented a certificate of recognition to Kathy Signorile, Lori Butler, and Sophie Dare in honor of the artwork of The Orange Park Art Guild on display at the intersection of Palmer St. &  U.S. Highway 17.

4. Boundary Realignment Presentation
Schoolboard mtng2021.pdf

James Fossa, Coordinator Facilities & Planning, used the attached presentation to communicate a needs assessment and attendance boundary growth analysis to inform consideration of potential school boundary realignment.  A Board Workshop will be held to examine and develop options to address current problem boundary alignments.

School Showcase  (None)
Presentations from the Audience (Public Comment)
5. Public Comment

There were no public speakers.

Consent Agenda
6. C1 - Minutes of Workshop on December 1, 2020; Special Meeting on December 1, 2020; Student Discipline Hearings and Regular Meeting on December 10, 2020
2020 Dec 1 Special Meeting.pdf
2020 Dec 1 Board Workshop.pdf
2020 Dec 10 Student Hearings.pdf (Confidential)
2020 Dec 10 Regular Meeting.pdf
School Board Member
7. C2 - School Board Member Out-of-County Travel Expenses to Attend School Finance Forum sponsored by Florida School Boards Association
Human Resources
8. C3 - Personnel Consent Agenda
Personnel Consent Agenda 01 07 2021.pdf
9. C4 - Ratification of the 2020-2021 Amendment to the 2018-2020 Master Contract between the Clay County Education Association and the Clay County School Board
Ratification Summary - CCEA.pdf
10. C5 - Ratification of the 2020-2021 Amendment to the 2020-2022 Master Contract between the Clay Educational Staff Professional Association and the Clay County School Board
Ratification Summary - CESPA.pdf
Instruction-Academic Services
11. C6 - K-12 Academic Services Out of State and Overnight Student Travel
Jan 2021 - Student Travel.pdf
Instruction-Professional Development
12. C7 - Affiliation Agreement between Clay County District Schools and Florida State University College of Education
210063 Fl State Univ Intern Placement.pdf
Executed 210063 FL State Univ Intern Placement.pdf
13. C7A - Affiliation Agreement between Clay County District Schools and Indian River State College
210070 Indian River State College Teaching Affiliation.pdf
Business Affairs
14. C8 - Proposed Allocation Changes for 2020-2021
Business Affairs-Accounting
15. C9 - Monthly Financial Reports for November, 2020
November 2020 Board Monthly Financial Report.pdf
November 2020 Board Monthly Property Report.pdf
Contract List.pdf
Business Affairs-Property
16. C10 - Deletion of Certain Items Report - December, 2020
Deletion Report-December, 2020.pdf
17. C11 - Final Completion of the District Office Building #1 West End Renovations
DO Bldg 1 West End Final Completion.pdf
18. C12 - Pre-Qualification of Contractors
Table for Board Backup Contractor Prequal, 1.7.21.pdf
Adoption of Consent Agenda
19. Adoption of Consent Agenda
Motion to Approve
Vote Results ( Approved )
Motion: Janice Kerekes
Second: Ashley Gilhousen
Janice Kerekes - Aye
Ashley Gilhousen - Aye
Mary Bolla - Aye
Tina Bullock - Aye
Beth Clark - Aye
CCEA Update  (Victoria Kidwell)
CESPA Update  (Lonnie Roberts)
Superintendent's Update and Presentations
20. Superintendent's Update
SB Superintendent's Update January 2021.pdf

Superintendent Broskie provided an update including:

  • Graduation Rates 2019-2020
  • Tools 4 Clay Schools Ribbon Cutting Event
  • Upcoming Events to Celebrate in January
  • COVID-19 Safety Reminders
  • Second Semester Enrollment and Dates
Discussion Agenda
21. D1 - 2021 Legislative Priorities
2021 Legislative Priorities.pdf
Motion to Approve
Vote Results ( Approved )
Motion: Janice Kerekes
Second: Tina Bullock
Janice Kerekes - Aye
Ashley Gilhousen - Aye
Mary Bolla - Aye
Tina Bullock - Aye
Beth Clark - Aye
Human Resources
22. D2 - Human Resources Special Action

There were no Human Resources Special Actions.

Business Affairs-Purchasing
23. D3 - RFP to be Awarded
RFP 20-MA-319 Athletic Field Maintenance Services_Service Agreement AGROW PRO INC.pdf
5a. (2) RFP 20-MA-319 Athletic Field Maintenance Services_Service Agreement ST JOHNS TURF CARE.pdf

Mrs. Gilhousen submitted CE Form 8A Memorandum of Voting Conflict for State Officers and recused herself from voting.

Board Chair opened the floor for a motion.  Mrs. Clark moved to approve.  With no one to second the motion, the motion failed.

School Board Attorney Remarks
24. School Board Attorney Comments

Mr. Bickner, School Board Attorney, is scheduled for a medical appointment on 1/12/2021 and will either be late or not in attendance at the Workshop scheduled that afternoon.  He remains available by phone if needed.

School Board Member Remarks
25. School Board Member Comments

Board members discussed the upcoming Workshop to address student growth and potential school boundary realignment, improved graduation rates, AMI Kids and Adult Community Education graduations, Teacher of the Year and Support Related Employee of the Year celebrations, and additional school-related events.


Adjournment  (7:47 p.m.)
Superintendent of Schools School Board Chairman