School District of Clay County
Green Cove Springs, Florida
Teacher Inservice Center - Fleming Island High School
2233 Village Square Parkway
OCTOBER 19, 2006

Hearings for Special Actions regarding Students - 4:00 p.m.

October 19, 2006 Regular Meeting

Pledge of Allegiance
Call to Order
Consent Agenda

1. C-1 Minutes of workshop meeting on September 7, 2006; special meeting on September 7, 2006; student disciplinary hearings and regular meeting on September 21, 2006
Attachment: Sep0706StratPlan.pdf
Attachment: Sep0706BudgetMinutes.pdf
Attachment: SEPT21.pdf
Attachment: Sep2106Disc.pdf (Confidential Item) 
Deputy Superintendent

2. C-2 Agreement with Clay County Utility Authority for upgrade and use of the Driving Course at Orange Park High School
Attachment: CCSB-Agreement with CCUA.pdf
Attachment: UtilityAuthorityCertificate.pdf
3. C-3 Staff Allocations - Proposed Changes for 2006-2007
Attachment: Allocations - Proposed Changes.pdf
Information Services

4. C-4 Microsoft School Agreement Strategy
Attachment: MS-Academic License Briefing.pdf
Attachment: MS-Campus and School Agreement.pdf
Attachment: MS-School Agreement-Program Guide.pdf
Attachment: MS-School Agreement-School Subscription Enrollment.pdf
Human Resources

5. C-5 Amend the 2006-2007 Salary Schedule
6. C-6 Personnel Consent Agenda
Attachment: PersonnelConsentAgenda10-19-06.pdf

7. C-7 Co-Enrollee list for September 2006
Attachment: Co-Enrollee list for September 2006.pdf (Confidential Item) 
8. C-8 SAC Composition
Attachment: AES SAC Members - AES 06.pdf
Attachment: BLC.pdf
Attachment: CEB.pdf
Attachment: CHS 10 9 2006 SAC Composition Rev 3.pdf
Attachment: DIS.pdf
Attachment: FIE MEMBERS.pdf
Attachment: FIH 10 9 2006 MEMBERS form.pdf
Attachment: GCSJ.pdf
Attachment: KHHS SACQuotas.pdf
Attachment: LAE.pdf
Attachment: LAJ.pdf
Attachment: LES.pdf
Attachment: LJH MEMBERS 06-07.pdf
Attachment: MBE MEMBERS.pdf
Attachment: MHS up-dated 9 26 sac member roster0607.pdf
Attachment: OPE MEMBERS.pdf
Attachment: OPJ SAC Makeup_2006.pdf
Attachment: RHS MEMBERS.pdf
Attachment: ROE.pdf
Attachment: SBJ.pdf
Attachment: SPC - Sac Membership2006.pdf
Attachment: TBE SAC MEMBERS 2006 - 2007.pdf
Attachment: WEC updated 10 2 06 SAC Members.pdf
Attachment: WES up-dated 9 26 MEMBERS.pdf
Attachment: WJH.pdf
9. C-9 School Improvement Plans and District Improvement Plan
10. C-10 Title I Alignment
Attachment: CEB Title I Alignment 2006 2007.pdf
Attachment: WES Title I Alignment 2006 2007.PDF
Attachment: sbj alignment part1 2006 2007.pdf
Attachment: sbj alignment part 2 2006 2007.pdf
Attachment: gpe alignment part 1 2006 2007.pdf
Attachment: gpe alignment part 2 2006 2007.pdf
Attachment: gpe alignment part 3 2006 2007.pdf
Attachment: gpe alignment part 4 2006 2007.pdf
Attachment: mcrae alignment part 1 2006 2007.pdf
Attachment: mcrae alignment part 2 2006 2007.pdf
Attachment: mcrae part 3.pdf
Attachment: che part 1.pdf
Attachment: che part 2.pdf
Attachment: che part 3.pdf
Attachment: che part 4.pdf
Attachment: che part 5.pdf
Attachment: wec alignment part 1 2006 2007.pdf
Attachment: wec part 2 2006 2007.pdf
Attachment: wec part 3.pdf
Attachment: dis part 1 revised.pdf
Attachment: dis part 2 revised.pdf
Attachment: dis part 3 revised.pdf
Attachment: dis part 4 revised.pdf
Attachment: dis part 5 revised.pdf
11. C-11 Consultant Services
Attachment: School Food Svcs Consultant 9 22 2006
12. C-12 Student Majors
Attachment: Student Majors.pdf
13. C-13 Student Travel
Attachment: Student Travel-Board Backup-October 19, 2006.pdf
14. C-14 Bannerman Learning Center Placements in Lieu of Expulsion and ESE Alternative School Update
Attachment: BLC placements oct 06.pdf
15. C-15 2006 Resolution endorsing Red Ribbon Week, October 21-29, 2006
Attachment: Red Ribbon Week.pdf
16. C-16 2006-2008 Procedures and Policies concerning School Health Services Manual
Attachment: SH Manual 2006-2008.pdf
Attachment: MEDCOMP06-08.pdf
17. C-17 Clay Behavioral Health Contract 2006-07
Attachment: Clay Behavioral Mental Health contract.pdf
18. C-18 Clay County's Elementary Gifted students to participate in "Journey of the Mind" a creative and critical problem solving experience May 2, 2007, at the Paul E. Reinhold Aricultural Fairgrounds.
19. C-19 Correction to contracted amount Maxim contract
Business Affairs

20. C-20 Orange Park High School to obtain a Certificate of Insurance for Fireworks at their Homecoming Raider Roar on Thursday, October 26, 2006
Attachment: 20060929135108397.pdf-OPH
21. C- 21 Warrants and Vouchers for SEPTEMBER, 2006
22. C-22 Monthly Property Report - September, 2006 - Furniture/Equipment
Attachment: Furniture-Equipment Report-September, 06.pdf
23. C-23 Monthly Property Report - September, 2006 - AV Materials
Attachment: Audiovisual Report-September, 06.pdf
24. C-24 Monthly Property Report - September, 2006 - Software
Attachment: Software Report-September, 06.pdf
25. C-25 Monthly Property Report - September, 2006 - Vehicles
Attachment: Vehicles Report-September 06.pdf
26. C-26 Deletion of Certain Items Report - October, 2006
Attachment: Monthly Deletion Report-October 06.pdf
Attachment: Monthly Deletion Report (Attachments)-October, 06.pdf
27. C-27 Monthly Financial Report for September, 2006
Attachment: MONTHLY FINANCIAL SEPT, 2006.xls
28. C-28 Bid Renewals October 2006
Attachment: Bid Renewals for October 2006.pdf
29. C-29 Bids To Be Awarded October 2006
Attachment: Bids to be awarded October 2006.pdf
30. C-30 Budget Amendments for the Month of September, 2006
Attachment: SEPT-budget cover sheet_impact stmt_.pdf
Attachment: SEPT Budget Amendments.pdf
31. C-31 Write Off NSF Checks at ROE, ACE, and PES
Attachment: NSF Checks Oct 19.pdf
32. C-32 Internal Funds Audits for the 2005-2006 Fiscal Year
Attachment: IA audits.pdf
Attachment: IA audits continued.pdf
Attachment: IA audits secondary schools.pdf
Support Services

33. C-33 Pre-Qualification of Contractors
Attachment: Contractor List 10,19,06.pdf
34. C-34 Quarterly Growth and Development Update Report
Attachment: Maps for 10,19,06.pdf
Attachment: Quarterly Summary for SB, Oct 2006.pdf
35. C-35 Partial Substantial Completion of Oakleaf School
Attachment: Partial Substantial Completion OLS.pdf
36. C-36 Additive Change Order #8 (Direct Purchasing for Oakleaf School
Attachment: Change Order 8 OLS.pdf
37. C-37 Substantial Completion of Demolition (Phase I) at Charles E. Bennett Elementary School
Attachment: Sub Completion Cert, CEB demo.pdf
38. C-38 Final Completion of Demolition (Phase I) at Charles E. Bennett Elementary School
Attachment: Final Completion Cert, CEB demo.pdf
39. C-39 Change Order #7 for Coppergate Elementary School
Attachment: Change Order 7, CGE.pdf
40. C-40 Resolution to Dispose of Relocatable Buildings, CI #35, #36 and #37 at Clay High School
Attachment: Resolution CHS relos.pdf

Adoption of Consent Agenda
41. Adoption of all remaining Consent Items (above)

Recognitions and Awards (None)
Scheduled Citizen Requests (None)
Presenters (None)
Discussion Agenda

42. Officially reschedule the regular November school board meeting to Tuesday, November 21, 2006
43. Officially reschedule the regular December school board meeting to Thursday, December 14, 2006
44. Discussion on W.E. Cherry Elementary School (Requested by Board Member Wayne Bolla)
Deputy Superintendent

45. 2007 Legislative Priorities
Attachment: Legislative Priorities.pdf
46. Public Hearing to approve amendments to CCSB Policy 1.02, The District School Board
Attachment: CCSB Policy 1.02 - Public Hearing.pdf
47. Public Hearing to approve amendments to CCSB Policy 5.08, Employee & Student Wellness
Attachment: CCSB Policy 5.08 - Public Hearing.pdf
48. Public Hearing to approve amendments to CCSB Policy 6.01, Educational & Ancillary Facilities
Attachment: CCSB Policy 6.01 - Public Hearing.pdf
Human Resources

49. Division of Human Resources - Special Actions
Attachment: Agenda Backup 10-19-2006.pdf (Confidential Item) 
Support Services

50. Attendance Boundary Revisions and Authorization to Advertise
Attachment: Redistricting, CGE, 2006.pdf

Presentations from the Audience
Superintendent Requests
School Board's Requests