School District of Clay County
Green Cove Springs, Florida
Teacher Inservice Center - Fleming Island High School
2233 Village Square Parkway
APRIL 17, 2008

Hearings for Special Actions regarding Students - 4:00 p.m.
Regular Meeting - 7:00 p.m.

April 17, 2008 Regular Meeting

Pledge of Allegiance
Call to Order
Consent Agenda

1. C-1 Minutes of student disciplinary hearings and regular meeting on March 20, 2008
Attachment: Mar2008.pdf
Attachment: Mar2008Disc.pdf (Confidential Item) 

School Board Attorney

2. C-2 Settlement Agreement with Christopher Burton and Tiki Burton, individually and as parents and guardians of N'Colas Burton, a minor
Deputy Superintendent

3. C-3 Proposed Staff Allocation Changes - 2007-2008
Attachment: Allocation Changes Proposed for 2007-2008 - 04-17-08.pdf

4. C-4 Proposed Staff Allocation Changes -2008-2009
Attachment: Allocation Changes Proposed for 2008-2009 - 04-17-08.pdf

Human Resources

5. C-5 Memorandum of Understanding - CCDS/UNF 2008-2009
Attachment: Memo of Understanding CCDS UNF.pdf

6. C-6 Appointment of Clay County School Board's CCEA and CESPA Bargaining Team Members for 2008-2009.
7. C-7 Proclaim April 20-26, 2008, as Administrative Professionals Week, and April 23, 2008, as Administrative Professional Day in Clay County
8. C-8 Proclaim May 6, 2008, as National Teacher Day in Clay County
9. C-9 Personnel Consent Agenda
Attachment: Personnel Consent Agenda 0408.pdf

10. C-10 Reappointments for the 2008-2009 School Year
Attachment: 2008-2009 Reappointment Agenda - Table of Contents.pdf
Attachment: 2008-2009 Reappointment Agenda - Section III - Support Personnel.pdf
Attachment: 2008-2009 Hold for Reappointment - Information Only.pdf
Attachment: 2008-2009 Instructional Job Assignments - Information Only.pdf
Attachment: 2008-2009 Reappointment Agenda - Section II-Administrataive, Managerial, Supervisory Personnel.pdf
Attachment: 2008-2009 Reappointment Agenda - Section I - Instructional Personnel.pdf


11. C-11 Consultant Services for Food & Nutrition Services Staff Workshop
12. C-12 Co-Enrollee list for March 2008
Attachment: Co-Enrollee list for March 2008.pdf (Confidential Item) 

13. C-13 Bannerman Learning Center Placements in Lieu of Expulsion and ESE Alternative School Update
Attachment: BLC placements.pdf

14. C-14 Proclamation Endorsing National School Nurse Day, May 7, 2008
Attachment: proclamation - school nurse day.pdf

15. C-15 Contracts between the School Board of Clay County and School Psychologist Interns Lindsay Maiman and Natalie Makofka
Attachment: Intern Agreement Lindsay Maiman 08-09.pdf
Attachment: Intern Agreement Natalie Makofka 08-09.pdf

16. C-16 Extend Advertisement of Amendments to 2008-2009 Elementary & Secondary Code of Student Conduct
Attachment: Elementary Code redlined 2008-09.pdf
Attachment: Secondary Code redlined 2008-09.pdf
Attachment: Elementary Code final 2008-09.pdf
Attachment: Secondary Code final 2008-09.pdf

17. C-17 Student Travel
Attachment: BACKUP-APRIL, 2008.pdf

Business Affairs

18. C-18 Monthly Property Report - March, 2008 - Furniture/Equipment
Attachment: Furniture-Equipment Report-March, 08.pdf

19. C-19 Monthly Property Report - March, 2008 - AV Materials
Attachment: Audiovisual Report-March, 08.pdf

20. C-20 Monthly Property Report - March, 2008 - Software
Attachment: Software Report-March, 08.pdf

21. C-21 Monthly Property Report - March, 2008 - Vehicles
Attachment: Vehicles Report-March, 08.pdf

22. C-22 Deletions of Certain Items Report - April, 2008
Attachment: Monthly Deletion Report-April, 2008.pdf

23. C-23 Budget Amendments for the Month of March, 2008
Attachment: impact stmt_ March 2008.pdf
Attachment: General Fund Revenue.pdf
Attachment: General Fund Appropriations.pdf
Attachment: Debt Service Funds.pdf
Attachment: Capital Projects Funds.pdf
Attachment: Food Service.pdf
Attachment: Special Revenue - Other.pdf
Attachment: Internal Service.pdf

24. C-24 Auditor General's Report for the 2006-2007 Audit
Attachment: AUDIT 06-0720080408090208713.pdf

25. C-25 Warrants and Vouchers for MARCH, 2008

26. C-26 Monthly Financial Report for March, 2008
Attachment: MONTHLY FINANCIAL MAR, 2008.xls

27. C-27 Bid Renewals April 2008
28. C-28 Bids to Be Awarded April 2008
Support Services

29. C-29 Construction Contract Award for Re-Roofing Buildings 1 & 3 at Clay High School
Attachment: BidTab.CHS.Roof.Bldg.1 & 3.pdf

30. C-30 Construction Contract Award to Renovation Restrooms/Shower Rooms at Green Cove Springs Junior High School
Attachment: GCSJH.RR.Shower.Renovations.Bid Tab 001.pdf

31. C-31 Construction Contract Award for Fire Alarm Replacement at Lakeside Junior High School
Attachment: LJH.FireAlarm.Replacement.BidTab.pdf

32. C-32 Construction Contract Award to Re-Roof Buildings 1, 2, 3 & 4 at Lake Asbury Elementary School
Attachment: LAE.BidTab.ReRoof.pdf

33. C-33 Pre-Qualification of Contractors
Attachment: Contractor List, 4,17,08.pdf

34. C-34 Authorize Appraisal, Survey, Environmental Study and Authorize Advertisement of the School Board's Intent to Accept Donation of 30 acres adjacent to Elementary School Y
35. C-35 Change Order #4 (Direct Purchasing) for Permanent Classroom Replacement at Charles E. Bennett Elementary (Phase II)
Attachment: CO 4 CEB Classrooms.pdf

36. C-36 Deductive Change Order #5 for Permanent Classroom Replacement at Charles E. Bennett Elementary School (Phase II)
Attachment: CO 5 CEB Classrooms.pdf

37. C-37 Clay Electric Cooperative, Inc. Right-Of-Way Easement for Shadowlawn Elementary School
Attachment: CCUA ROW Easement.pdf

38. C-38 Change Order #4 (Direct Purchasing) for OakLeaf Village Elementary School
Attachment: CO 4 OVE.pdf

39. C-39 Change Order #5 (Direct Purchasing) for Shadowlawn Elementary School
Attachment: CO 5 SLE.pdf

40. C-40 Schematic/Preliminary/Final (Phase I, II & III) Plans and Specifications for District Ancillary Facility

Adoption of Consent Agenda
41. Adoption of all remaining Consent Items

Recognitions and Awards
42. Recognize Clay County Pepsi Scholars

Scheduled Citizen Requests (None)
Presenters (None)
Discussion Agenda
Deputy Superintendent

43. Advertise Amendments to CCSB Policy 6GX-10-1.02 Organization of the District School System, E.7. Minutes
Attachment: CCSB Policy 1.02 Organization of District School System.pdf

44. Advertise Amendments to CCSB Policy 6GX-10-2.18 Retirement & Resignation
Attachment: CCSB Policy 2.18 Retirement and Resignations.pdf

45. Extend Advertisement of Amendments to CCSB Policy 6GX-10-4.62 Selection of Names for Career Academies, Apprentice Programs & Career Education
Attachment: CCSB Policy 4.62 Selection of Names for Career Academies.pdf

46. Extend Advertisement to Adopt CCSB Policy 6GX-10-7.04 Records & E-Mail Retention & Disposal
Attachment: CCSB Policy 7.04 Records & E-Mail Retention & Disposal.pdf

Human Resources

47. Division of Human Resources - Special Actions
Attachment: Impose Leave - April 17, 2008.pdf (Confidential Item) 

Support Services

48. Consider Plantation Oaks Elementary as the School Name for Elementary School "Z" (OakLeaf West Area)
49. Receive for Discussion Updated Educational Impact Fee Technical Report
Attachment: EducationalImpactFeeTechnicalReportApril172008.pdf

50. Discuss School Concurrency in Clay County
51. High School "QQQ" Final Site Plans and Specifications
52. High School "QQQ" Guaranteed Maximum Price Bid Package 1 (Site Work)
Attachment: High School QQQ GMP Bid Package 1.pdf

Presentations from the Audience
Superintendent Requests
School Board's Requests