Agenda Plus
School Board of Clay County
Teacher Inservice Center - Fleming Island High School, 2233 Village Square Parkway
June 27, 2019 - Regular School Board Meeting
Date: Jun 27 2019 (6:00 p.m.)
Invocation  (Dr. Charles Lever, Pastor - Orange Park United Methodist Church)
Pledge of Allegiance
Call to Order
Student Showcase  (None)
Recognitions and Awards
1. Recognize 2018-2019 Retirees
2018-2019 Retirees.pdf
2. Recognize Social Studies Teachers of the Year
School Showcase  (Argyle Elementary School - Angela Ward, Principal)
Presentations from the Audience (Public Comment)
Consent Agenda
3. C1 - Minutes of School Board Workshop on May 28, 2019, Student Hearings and Regular Meeting of June 6, 2019
2019 May 28 Workshop.pdf
Student Hearings Jun 6.pdf (Confidential)
2019 June 6 Regular.pdf
4. C2 - Payment of Annual Membership Dues for 2019-2020 to Florida Association of District School Superintendents
FADSS Invoice.pdf
School Board Member
5. C3 - Payment of Annual Membership Dues for 2019-2020 to Florida School Boards Association
FSBA Invoice.pdf
Human Resources
6. C4 - Personnel Consent Agenda
Personnel Consent Agenda 6 27 2019.pdf
Instruction-Academic Services
7. C5 - Daily Hours for Teachers and Students for School Year 2019-20
School Hours 2019-20.pdf
Instruction-Instructional Resources
8. C6 - Permission to Publish An Advertisement and Notice of Public Hearing for Astronomy, Forensic, Marine and Physical Science Adoption
Astronomy Science Committee Scorecard.pdf
Forensic Science Pre-Selection Committee Rubric.pdf
Physical Science Committee Scorecard.pdf
Physical Teacher Feedback Scorecard.pdf
2019 Science Adoption -Pre-selection Committee Results - Astronomy, Forensic Marine and Physical.pdf
Astronomy Teacher Feedback Scorecard.pdf
Marine Science Committee Scorecard.pdf
Consensus Forensic.pdf
2019 Science Adoption Quotes.pdf
2018-19 Science Adoption District Committee Recommendations and Public Notice to Adopt.pdf
Instruction-K-12 Academic
9. C7 - Approval of Out of County Student Travel - K-12 Academic
July 2019 (June 27, 2019) - Student Travel.pdf
10. C8 - Advertisement and Notice of Public Hearing on Modifications to the 2018-2019 Student Progression Plan
Student Progression Plan 2019 - 2020 Redlined DRAFT.pdf
Student Progression Plan 2019 - 2020 - DRAFT.pdf
Rationale for 19-20 SPP Changes.pdf
Student Progression Plan 2019-20 - NOTICE OF APPROVAL TO ADVERTISE - Google Docs.pdf
11. C9 - Health-Tech Consultants, Inc. - Letter of Agreement
July 2019 (June 27, 2019) - Health Tech Consultants.pdf
Instruction-Professional Development
12. C10 - Agreement between Clay County District Schools and University of West Florida
University of West Florida Agreement.pdf
Business Affairs
13. C11 - Proposed Allocation Changes for 2019-2020
Allocation Summary - June 27, 2019.pdf
Business Affairs-Accounting
14. C12 - Budget Amendment Report for May 2019
May 2019 Budget Amendment Report.pdf
15. C13 - Monthly Financial Reports for May, 2019
May 2019 Board Monthly Financial Report.pdf
May 2019 Board Monthly Property Report.pdf
Business Affairs-Property
16. C14 - Deletion of Certain Items Report - June, 2019
Deletion Report-June, 2019.pdf
Business Affairs-Purchasing
17. C15 - BID to be Awarded
18. C16 - Interlocal Agreement with the Clay County Sheriff’s Office for Low-Priced Gasoline in the Middleburg Area
Interlocal Agreement with the CC Sheriff for Fuel in Middleburg.pdf
19. C17 - 2019-2020 School Safety Interlocal Agreement among the School Board of Clay County, Florida; City of Green Cove Springs Florida; and Green Cove Springs Police Department.
SRO Interlocal Agreement with GCS.pdf
20. C18 - 2019-2020 School Safety Interlocal Agreement Among the School Board of Clay County, Florida; The Town of Orange Park, Florida; and the Town of Orange Park Police Department
21. C19 - Advertisement and Notice of Public Hearing on new School Board Policies, Police Department - Section IX (General Orders 9.01 - 9.16).
Clay County District School Police Department General Orders.pdf
Police Dept General Orders - NOTICE OF APPROVAL TO ADVERTISE SB Policy.docx - Google Docs.pdf
22. C20 - Change Order #1 (Direct Purchasing) for Lakeside Junior High School Parking Lot Lighting Replacement
CO1, LSJ Parking Lot Lighting Replacement.pdf
23. C21 - Change Order #1 (Direct Purchasing) for Wilkinson Junior High School Parking Lot Lighting Replacement
CO1, WJH Parking Lot Lighting Replacement.pdf
24. C22 - Pre-qualification of Contractors
Table for Board Backup Contractor Prequal, 6.27.19.pdf
25. C23 - 2018-2019 S.R.E.F. Casualty, Safety, Sanitation, Relocatable and Fire Safety Inspection Report
20182019 SREF Inspections Elementary.pdf
20182019 SREF Inspections High Schools, Junior High Schools and Ancillary.pdf
26. C24 - Approve advertisement of public hearing for Boundary Realignment at Discovery Oaks Elementary, Tynes Elementary, Oakleaf Junior High and Wilkinson Junior High Schools
AdAttBndry OVE, TES, OLJ AND WJH 08012019.pdf
Oakland Hill attend zone.pdf
27. C25 - Change Order #1 (Direct Purchasing) for Fleming Island Elementary School Fire Alarm Replacement
CO 1 DP FIE Fire Alarm Replacement.pdf
28. C26 - Change Order #1 (Direct Purchasing) for Paterson Elementary School Fire Alarm Replacement
CO 1 PES CO 1 DP PES Fire Alarm Replacement.pdf
29. C27 - Change Order #1 (Direct Purchasing) for Orange Park Elementary School Fire Alarm Replacement
CO 1 DP OPE Fire Alarm Replacement.pdf
30. C28 - School Bus Replacement: Lease/Purchase Agreement to replace 100 school buses to improve service and stakeholder experience.
Clay County Matthews Bus proposal.pdf
Adoption of Consent Agenda
31. Adoption of Consent Agenda
CCEA Update
CESPA Update
Superintendent's Update and Presentations
Discussion Agenda
School Board Member
32. D1 - Approve Resolution for Half-Cent Sales Tax (Item submitted by Mrs. Kerekes)
Resolution Calling for a Referendum on a Half-Cent Sales Tax.pdf
Human Resources
33. D2 - Human Resources Special Action A
Special Action A 6 27 2019.pdf (Confidential)
Instruction-Climate and Culture
34. D3 - Advertisement and Notice of Public Hearing on the 2019-20 Student Handbook and Code of Student Conduct
2019_2020 Student Handbook_COSC_DRAFT crosswalk to 2018-29 material_18June2019.pdf
2018-19 Code of Student Conduct_to 2019-20 Student Handbook Crosswalk.draft.pdf
2019-20 Infractoin Code Matrix.pdf
Student Handbook & Code of Student Conduct 2019-2020 - NOTICE OF APPROVAL TO ADVERTISE SB Policy.docx - Google Docs.pdf
School Board Attorney Remarks
School Board Member Remarks