School District of Clay County
Green Cove Springs, Florida
Teacher Inservice Center - Fleming Island High School
2233 Village Square Parkway

MAY 18, 2006
Hearings for Special Actions regarding Students - 3:00 p.m.
Executive Session immediately following Regular Meeting (Closed to the Public)

May 2006 Regular Meeting

Pledge of Allegiance (National Anthem performed by Paterson Elem Chorus)
Call to Order
Consent Agenda

1. C-1 Minutes of workshop of April 6, 2006; and student disciplinary hearings and regular meeting of April 20, 2006 (Revised)
Attachment: Apr06Workshop.pdf
Attachment: Apr20Minutes.pdf
Attachment: Apr06Disc.pdf (Confidential Item) 
2. C-2 Adoption of the Clay County Education Association's Resolution regarding the E-Comp Effectiveness Compensation Plan (Revised)
Attachment: E-CompResolution.pdf
School Board Attorney

Deputy Superintendent

3. C-3 Amendments to Staff Allocations for 2006-2007 (Revised)
Attachment: Allocation Summary - 2006-2007.pdf
4. C-4 Amendments to Policy 6GX-10-2.09, Appendices A & C, Non-Degreed Teachers/Vocational Instructors (Revised)
Attachment: SB Policy Ref. 2.09 - Appendix A & C - Advertising.pdf
5. C-5 Amendments to Policy 6GX-10-5.08, Food and Nutrition Services (Revised)
Attachment: SB Policy 5.08 - Advertising.pdf
6. C-6 Advertise amendments to School Board Policy 6GX-10-2.00, HUMAN RESOURCES (Revised)
Attachment: SB Policy 2.00 - Advertising.pdf
Information Services

7. C-7 Disaster Recovery Plan Agreement between Clay County and Collier County School Districts. (Revised)
Attachment: CCSB-INTERLOCAL WITH COLLIER COUNTY (2).pdf (Confidential Item) 
Human Resources

8. C-8 Amendment to 2005-2006 Salary Schedule (Revised)
Attachment: salaryamendment.pdf
9. C-9 Personnel Consent Agenda (Revised)
Attachment: personnelconsentagenda506.pdf
10. C-10 Student Teaching and Practicum Agreement with National University (Revised)
Attachment: StudentTeachingAgreement.pdf

11. C-11 Mid Year Report for School Improvement Plan (Revised)
Attachment: OPJ mid year report 4 17 2006.pdf
12. C-12 Consultant Services for Title I schools (Revised)
Attachment: Daily Digits.pdf
Attachment: Daily Digits Calendar Math and More.doc
Attachment: Daily Digits contract.pdf
13. C-13 Consultant Services for Thunderbolt Elementary (Revised)
Attachment: McNally Vita.pdf
14. C-14 Title I Supplemental Educational Services Contract (Revised)
Attachment: PDPA-IAP.pdf
Attachment: Clay SES 06-07 final contract.pdf
15. C-15 "Project Lead" Contract (Revised)
Attachment: ccsb-wecherry.pdf
Attachment: ccsb-wilkinson.pdf
Attachment: ccsb-keystone.pdf
16. C-16 Co-Enrollee list for April 2006 (Revised)
Attachment: Co-Enrollee list for April 2006.pdf (Confidential Item) 
17. C-17 Pay mileage at .44.5 cents/mile to have parent transport ESE student to Center Academy for year July 1, 2006 to June 30, 2007. (Revised)
18. C-18 Renew Contractual Agreement between School District of Clay County and Challenge Enterprises of North Florida, Inc. to serve ESE 3-5 year old PreK students for school year June 1, 2006 to August 1, 2007. (Revised)
Attachment: Challenge Enterprises Three to Five.pdf
19. C-19 Continue grant funded training in the Safe Crisis Management Program for ESE employees school year 2006-2007. (Revised)
20. C-20 Participate in submitting the multi-district Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resource System (FDLRS) grant with Duval County as the fiscal agent for year July 1, 2006 to August 31, 2007. (Revised)
Attachment: FDLRS.pdf
21. C-21 Multiagency Network for Severely Emotionally Disturbed Students (SEDNET) Grant for IDEA, Part B funding from July 1, 2006 to August 31, 2007 and General Revenue funding July 1, 2006 to June 30, 2007. (Revised)
Attachment: SEDNET Grant Application.pdf
22. C-22 Renew the contract between School Board of Clay County, Florida and Dr. Michael Solloway/Psychiatric and Psychological Care for July 1, 2006, to June 30, 2007. (Revised)
Attachment: Solloway Contract.pdf
23. C-23 Renew the contract between School Board of Clay County Florida and Dr. Robin Vail for July 1, 2006, to June 30, 2007. (Revised)
Attachment: Vail Contract.pdf
24. C-24 Grants (Revised)
25. C-25 Bannerman Learning Center Placement in Lieu of Expulsion and ESE Alternative School Update (Revised)
Attachment: BLC Placements in lieu of expulsion for Board without names.pdf
26. C-26 2006-2007 Interagency Agreement between School District of Clay County and Communities in Schools (CIS) regarding Take Stock in Children (TSIC) (Revised)
Attachment: Communities in Schools.pdf
27. C-27 2006-2007 Safey and Education Articulation Agreement between the School District of Clay County and the Clay County Sheriff's Office (Revised)
Attachment: Safety and Education Articulation Agreement CCSO 2.pdf
28. C-28 Interagency Agreement between the SDCC; the Department of Juvenile Justice; the Clay County Clerk of the Court; the Clay County Sheriff’s Office; the GCSPD; the OPPD; and the State Attorney's Office regarding Sharing of Information (Revised)
Attachment: juv jus ia re sharing of confidential information.pdf
29. C-29 2006-2007 contracts between School District of Clay County and Lewis H. Fischer, Psy.D. and Dr. Patricia A. Shackleford (PKConcepts, Inc.) for part-time psychological services (Revised)
Attachment: Lewis Fischer - Psych Services.pdf
Attachment: Patricia Shackleford - Psych Services.pdf
30. C-30 Grants (Revised)
31. C-31 Renew Contractual Agreement between School District of Clay County and Challenge Enterprises of North Florida, Inc. to serve Birth - 3 year old PreK students for school year August 1, 2006 to May 31, 2007 (Revised)
Attachment: Challenge Enterprises Birth to Three Contract.pdf
32. C-32 Learn & Serve Grant (Revised)
33. C-33 Renew the contract for services for an ESE student for the 2006-2007 school year with the Center Academy. (Revised)
Attachment: Center Academy Contract.pdf
34. C-34 Renew Multi-District Agreement with Duval County to serve low incidence ESE students for school year 2006-2007. (Revised)
35. C-35 Autohrize contracting for speech clinicians' services from outside providers at a rate not to exceed $75.00 per hour during the school year 2006-2007. (Revised)
Attachment: Speech Contract.pdf
Business Affairs

36. C-36 Monthly Financial Report for April, 2006 (Revised)
Attachment: MONTHLY FINANCIAL APRIL, 2006.xls
37. C-37 Budget Amendments for the Month of April, 2006 (Revised)
Attachment: April, 2006.xls
Attachment: April - budget cover sheet(impact stmt).pdf
38. C-38 Internal Funds Auditors for the 2005-2006 Fiscal Year (Revised)
Attachment: Firms Contracted to perform IA Audits.pdf
39. C-39 Write Off NSF Checks at FIHS and FIE (Revised)
Attachment: NSF Writeoff 5-2006.pdf
40. C-40 Agreement between Clay County School Board and Risk Consulting Services, Inc. to perform the Actuarial Study of our Workers' Compensation, Automobile and General Liability Self-Insurance Claims Fund (Revised)
Attachment: 20060508135923853.pdf-CCSB Actuarial Analysis
41. C-41 Administration Agreement between Unum Life Insurance Company of America and the School Board of Clay County, Florida (Revised)
Attachment: 20060509144042705.pdf - Unum Contract
42. C-42 Monthly Property Report-April, 2006 - Furniture/Equipment (Revised)
Attachment: April 06-Furn-Equip Report.pdf
43. C-43 Monthly Property Report-April, 2006 - Software (Revised)
Attachment: April 06-Software Report.pdf
44. C-44 Monthly Property Report-April, 2006 - AV Materials (Revised)
Attachment: April 06-Audio Visual Report.pdf
45. C-45 Monthly Property Report-April, 2006 - Vehicles (Revised)
Attachment: April 06-Vehicles Report.pdf
46. C-46 Deletion of Certain Items Report-May, 2006 (Revised)
Attachment: April-Deletion Report Attachements.pdf
Attachment: April 06-Deletion Report.pdf
47. C-47 Warrants and Vouchers for APRIL, 2006 (Revised)
48. C-48 Contract Between the School Board of Clay County, Florida and Insuracheck (Revised)
Attachment: INSURACHECK.pdf
49. C-49 Bids To Be Awarded in May 2006 (Revised)
Attachment: Bids to be awarded May 2006.pdf
50. C-50 Bid Renewals May 2006 (Revised)
Attachment: Bid Renewals for May 2006.pdf
51. C-51 Donation of 10 Surplus Computers (Chassis/Monitor/Keyboard) for Use by Florida Youth Challenge Resource Center (Revised)
Attachment: April 06-Donation of Computers-FYCA.pdf
Support Services

52. C-52 Deductive Change Order #1 for Re-Roofing Buildings 1, 2, 3 & 4 at Clay Hill Elementary (Revised)
Attachment: ChangeOrder1.WEC.pdf
53. C-53 Appoint an Engineer for Professional Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and/or Consultant Services for the Development of Plans and Specifications, Bidding and Construction Administration for County-Wide Projects under $300,000.00 (Revised)
Attachment: Engineer.Recommendation.May06.pdf
54. C-54 District required 2005-2006 Casualty Safety, Sanitation and Relocatable Inspection Reports for the School District’s Educational Facilities. (Revised)
Attachment: CHS & FHS 2006 SREF REPORTS.pdf
Attachment: GPE, KHE, LAE, LSE & MRE 2006 SREF REPORTS.pdf
Attachment: KHHS 2006 SREF REPORT.pdf
Attachment: MBE, MCE, OPE, PES, ROE & RVE 2006 SREF REPORTS.pdf
Attachment: OPHS 2006 SREF REPORT.pdf
Attachment: RHS 2006 SREF REPORT.pdf
Attachment: SBJ, SPCE & TBE 2006 SREF REPORTs.pdf
Attachment: TES, WEC & WES 2006 SREF REPORTS.pdf
Attachment: MHS 2006 SREF REPORT.pdf
Attachment: CEB, CHE, DIS, FIE 2006 SREF REPORTS.pdf
Attachment: SREF COVER PAGE.pdf
Attachment: BLC, GCSJH & LSJH 2006 SREF REPORTS.pdf
Attachment: OPJH & WJH 2006 SREF REPORTS.pdf
55. C-55 Submission to the State’s Fire Marshal the District required 2005-2006 Fire Safety Inspection Report for the School District’s Educational Facilities. (Revised)
Attachment: CEB, CHE, DIS & FIE 2006 FIRE SAFETY REPORTS.pdf
Attachment: SBJ, SPCE & TBE 2006 FIRE SAFETY REPORTS.pdf
Attachment: TES, WEC & WES 2006 FIRE SAFETY REPORTS.pdf
Attachment: KHHS & MHS 2006 FIRE SAFETY REPORTS.pdf
Attachment: OPHS & RHS 2006 FIRE SAFETY REPORTS.pdf
Attachment: CHS & FHS 2006 FIRE SAFETY REPORTS.pdf
56. C-56 Award the Construction Manager At-Risk Contract for Elementary Schools "W" and "R" (Revised)
Attachment: Construction Manager Contract-Elem W & R.doc
Attachment: CM W & R Backup.doc
57. C-57 Award the Construction Manager At-Risk Contract for Charles E. Bennett Elementary Classroom Replacement (Revised)
Attachment: Construction Manager Contract-CEB Clsrm Rplcmnt.doc
Attachment: CM CEB Backup.doc
58. C-58 Deductive Change Order #4 (Direct Purchasing) for Oakleaf School (Revised)
Attachment: CO 4 DP OLS.pdf
59. C-59 Change Order #5 for Oakleaf School (Revised)
Attachment: CO 5 OLS.pdf
60. C-60 Pre-Qualification of Contractors (Revised)
Attachment: TableBoardBackup, 5,18,06.rtf
61. C-61 Option Contract for Roderigo (Revised)
Attachment: OptCtrt, Roderigo.doc
62. C-62 Orange Park High School Property Conveyance to the Department of Transportation (Revised)
Attachment: DOT Documents 5,18,06.pdf
63. C-63 Change Order #1 for Orange Park Elementary Parking Improvements (Revised)
Attachment: CO 1 OPE Parking.pdf
64. C-64 County Road 209 Temporary Construction Easement for Coppergate Elemenary School (Revised)
Attachment: Temporary Construc Easement, V.pdf
65. C-65 Change Order #1 for Doctors Inlet Elementary Parking Improvements (Revised)
Attachment: CO 1 DIS.pdf
66. C-66 Change Order #2 for Fleming Island Elementary Permanent Classroom Addition (Revised)
Attachment: Chng Order 2, FIE.pdf
67. C-67 Deductive Change Order #3 (Direct Purchasing) for Fleming Island Elementary Permanent Classroom Addition (Revised)
Attachment: Cng Order #3 DP, FIE.pdf
68. C-68 Deductive Change Order #3 (Direct Purchasing) for Coppergate Elementary (Revised)
Attachment: Cng Order #3 DP, CGE.pdf

Adoption of Consent Agenda
69. Adoption of all remaining Consent Items (above)

Recognitions and Awards
70. Recognize Music and Poster Winners for Concert on the Green (Ron Braatz) (Revised)
71. Performance by Concert on the Green music winner on the Oboe
72. Recognize students with perfect attendance (Superintendent Owens)
73. Recognize 2006 State Science Fair Winners (Brenda Weeks)
74. Recognize Elementary Media Festival K-2 and 3-5 Best of Show winners
75. Recognize Sandra Dunnavant, 2006 President of FAME (Revised)
76. Recognize Karen Robinson as Southern Region Executive Council Representative of Student Television Network
77. Recognize the first year completion of Foundations Cohort I: FIE, MBE, KHES, WES, CHE, LSJH, GCSJH, BLC, KHHS, MHS (Revised)

Scheduled Citizen Requests
78. Report from Clay County Education Foundation (Tom Corbin)

Discussion Agenda

79. Adoption of the Vision Statement for the School District of Clay County (Revised)
Attachment: Vision Statement.pdf
80. Discuss Background Check System (Item submitted by Board Member Van Zant) (Revised)
Attachment: RaptorTech.pdf
School Board Attorney

Deputy Superintendent

81. Public Hearing - Advertised amendments to SB Policy 6GX-10-4.57, Parent Involvement Policy.
Attachment: SB Policy 4.57 - Public Hearing.pdf
82. Public Hearing - Advertised amendments to SB Policy 4.26, Solicitation of Students, Teachers or Parents
Attachment: SB Policy 4.26 - Public Hearing.pdf
83. Clay County Safety and Security Self-Assessment - Safe Passage Act
Attachment: Safety & Security Best Practices & Indicators 05-06.pdf
Information Services

Human Resources

84. Human Resouces - Special Actions

85. Public Hearing to approve, as advertised, amendments to the 2006-2007 Elementary and Secondary Codes of Conduct (Revised)
Attachment: Elementary Code F.pdf
Attachment: Secondary CodeF.pdf
Business Affairs

Support Services

86. Discuss Impact Fee Revision and Establish Aspects for Inclusion
Attachment: ImpactFee-Revisionpdf.pdf
87. Saratoga Springs; Topics for Discussion and Direction
Attachment: SARATOGA SPRINGSAfinanceoptionspdf.pdf
88. Prototype Elementary School Concepts and Cost Profile
Attachment: School Concept Cost Comparison 4.28.06.xls
Attachment: 053000-psp08w (Argyle).pdf
Attachment: Prototype School Concept.doc
Attachment: 053000-psp08w (One-roof).pdf
Attachment: 053000-psp08w (2 Story).pdf

Presentations from the Audience
Superintendent Requests
School Board's Requests
Adjournment (EXECUTIVE SESSION to follow - Closed to the public)