Agenda Plus
School Board of Clay County
Teacher Inservice Center, 2233 Village Square Parkway, Fleming Island, FL
June 2, 2022 - Regular School Board Meeting
Date: Jun 02 2022 (6:00 p.m.)
Student Showcase  (None)
Invocation  (Pastor Mat Pace, The Springs Church)
Pledge of Allegiance
Call to Order
Recognitions and Awards
1. Recognition of State Champion Student Athletes
2. Recognize Students with Perfect Attendance, K-6, K-8, and K-12
3. 2022-2023 Drug Free Schools Calendar Winners
4. Recognize 2022 Wes Whiddon Scholarship Recipients
5. Recognize Social Studies Teachers of the Year
6. Recognition of Administrators Completing the Northeast Florida Educational Consortium Level II Principal Leadership Academy
7. Recognition of 2023 Florida Teacher of the Year Finalist
8. Recognition of 2022 Florida Support-Related Employee of the Year Finalist
9. Chemours Check Presentation to Clay Education Foundation
10. EDFIRST Citizens Advisory Committee Update
School Showcase  (None)
Presentations from the Audience (Public Comment)
Consent Agenda
11. C1 - Minutes of School Board Workshop on April 26, 2022; Student Discipline Hearings and Regular Meeting on May 5, 2022
2022 Apr 26 Workshop.pdf
2022 May 5 Student Hearings.pdf (Confidential)
2022 May 5 Regular Mtg.pdf
Information Technology Services
12. C2 - Synergy Analytics
220135 Edupoint Amendment 3.pdf
Human Resources
13. C3 - Personnel Consent Agenda
Personnel Consent Agenda 6.2.2022.pdf
Instruction-Academic Services
14. C4 - Daily Hours for Teachers and Students for School Year 2022-23
CCSD School-hours-2022-23.pdf
15. C5 - K-12 Academic Services Out of State and Overnight Student Travel
June 2022 - Student Travel.pdf
16. C6 - Independent Contractor Service Agreement between the School Board of Clay County and the Boys and Girls Club of Northeast Florida (BGCNF)
June 2022 - Boys & Girls Club of Northeast Florida FINAL 5.19.22.pdf
17. C7 - Approval to Advertise and Notice of Public Hearing to Approve Modifications to the 2021-2022 Student Progression Plan
Rationale for 22-23 SPP Changes.pdf
Student Progression Plan 2022 - 2023 Un-redlined DRAFT.pdf
Student Progression Plan 2022 - 2023_redlined DRAFT.pdf
Legal Adv. Notice of PH 22-23 Student Progression Plan.pdf
Instruction-Climate and Culture
18. C8 - Approval to Advertise and Notice of Public Hearing 2022-2023 Student & Family Handbook and Code of Student Conduct
__DRAFT__ - 2022-2023 - CCDS Student and Family Handbook and Code of Student Conduct.pdf
Rationale for 22-23 Code of Conduct Changes - Sheet1.pdf
Legal Adv. Notice of PH 22-23 Code of Student Conduct.pdf
19. C9 - 7 Mindsets Life Skills and Character Education
2201040 7 Mindsets Academy.pdf
Business Affairs
20. C10 - Proposed Allocation Changes for 2021-22
21. C11 - Proposed Allocation Changes for 2022-23
22 23 Allocation Summary - June 2, 2022.pdf
Business Affairs-Accounting
22. C12 - Monthly Financial Reports for April, 2022
Monthly Board Financial Report.pdf
23. C13 - Budget Amendment Report for April 30, 2022
Budget Amendment April 2022.pdf
Business Affairs-Property
24. C14 - Deletion of Certain Items Report - May, 2022
Deletion Report May 2022.pdf
Business Affairs-Purchasing
25. C15 - BID Renewal
26. C16 - 2021-2022 S.R.E.F. Casualty, Safety, Sanitation, Relocatable, and Fire Safety Inspection Report
SREF Inspection.Buildings 2021.2022.pdf
SREF Inspections.Portables 2021.2022 #1.pdf
SREF Inspections.Portables 2021.2022 #2.pdf
SREF Inspections 2021-22 Clay County DOH Inspections 2021.2022.pdf
SREF Inspection Middleburg High School County DOH.pdf
27. C17 - Pre-Qualification of Contractors
Table for Board Backup Contractor Prequal, 6.2.22.pdf
28. C18 - Keystone Heights Elementary School New Cafeteria/Classrooms Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) Contract Award Bid Package #1 (Site Work)
KHE GMP Bid Package #1.pdf
29. C19 - Orange Park High School Stadium Repair/Replacement Contract Award
OPH Stadium Repair.Replacement Bid Tab.pdf
OPH Stadium Repair.Replacement Contract.pdf
Adoption of Consent Agenda
CCEA Update  (Victoria Kidwell)
CESPA Update  (Lonnie Roberts)
Superintendent's Update and Presentations
Discussion Agenda
School Board Member
30. D1 - Appoint One Board Member and One Citizen Member to Serve on the 2022 Value Adjustment Board (Mrs. Bolla)
31. D2 - Appoint One Board Member to Serve as Florida School Boards Association Advocacy Committee Representative and One Board Member to Serve as Advocacy Committee Alternate (Mrs. Bolla)
Human Resources
32. D3 - Human Resources Special Action A
Special Action A 6.2.2022 (2).pdf (Confidential)
33. D4 - Human Resources Special Action B
Instruction-Academic Services
34. D5 - Public Hearing to Approve As Advertised School Board Policy 4.65 for the Use of Drones in the K-12 Academic Setting
Drone Policy 4.65.pdf
Legal Adv. PH SB Policy 4.65 Drones.pdf
35. D6 - St Johns Classical Academy Charter School Application to Replicate
Addendum to Application for Replication(saa comments on Section 18)[68].pdf
Final Evaluaton_ St. Johns Classical Academy-Lake Asbury.pdf
Strikethrough FINAL charter application.pdf
Unamended Final Charter Application.pdf
Business Affairs
36. D7 - Request for Approval Authorizing Reimbursement from any tax exempt debt i.e. the Certificates of Participation (COP).
Reimbursement Resolution # 2022-20.pdf
School Board Attorney Remarks
School Board Member Remarks