Agenda Plus
School Board of Clay County
Teacher Inservice Center, Fleming Island High School, 2233 Village Square Parkway
Please join us at 5:45 p.m. for our Student Showcase.
May 4, 2017 - Regular School Board Meeting
Date: May 04 2017 (6:00 p.m.)
Student Showcase  (5:45 p.m. - Ridgeview High School NJROTC)
Invocation  (Rev. Chris Willett, Assistant Pastor at Pinewood Presbyterian Church)
Pledge of Allegiance
Call to Order
Recognitions and Awards
1. Recognize 2017 State Science Fair Finalist
2. Recognize Fleming Island High's Boys Soccer Team
3. Recognize Fleming Island High student - Jason Davis
4. Recognize Outstanding 2016-2017 School Volunteers
School Showcase  (SEDNET Program)
Scheduled Citizen Requests
5. Scott Studer - CyberPatriot Elementary School Program
Presentations from the Audience (Public Comment)
Consent Agenda
6. C1 - Minutes of Workshop meeting on March 27, 2017; Student Hearings on April 4, 2017; and Regular meeting on April 6, 2017
March 27 Workshop Minutes.pdf
Apr 6 Regular Meeting.pdf
2017 April 4 Disc.pdf (Confidential)
7. C2 - 2017-2018 Bradford County Agreement
Bradford County Agreement.pdf
8. C3 - E-Rate - Contract Award (Wireless)
E-Rate Letter of Intent.pdf
IT-Data & Accountability
9. C4 - Extra DES Contracted Services for ERP Conversion Process
DES Contract.pdf
Human Resources
10. C5 - Personnel Consent Agenda
Personnel Consent Agenda 5 4 2017.pdf
11. C6 - Appointment of Clay County School Board's CCEA and CESPA Bargaining Team Members for 2017-2018
Bargaining Teams 2017 2018.pdf
Human Resources-Support
12. C7 - Renewal of 2017-2018 List of Physicians and Medical Facilities authorized to conduct physical examinations and drug tests required for certain groups of employees.
2017-2018 List of Physicians Drug tests.pdf
Instruction-Elementary/Title I
13. C8 - SIPPS (Systematic Instruction in Phonological Awareness, Phonics and Sight Words) Materials Request.
Instruction-Exceptional Student Education
14. C9 - Mainspring Academy contract 16-17 and ESY.
Mainspring 16 17 ESY2017c no name.pdf
Instruction-Instructional Resources
15. C10 - Permission to Purchase Achieve 3000
Achieve3000PurchasePlanApril (1).pdf
16. C11 - Permission to Publish an advertisement for Social Studies Textbook Adoption K-5
17. C12 - Permission to publish Environmental Science textbook
Instruction-K-12 Academic
18. C13 - K-12 Academic Support - Student Travel
May 2017 - Student Travel.pdf
Instruction-Professional Development
19. C14 - PD Consultant for St. Johns Country Day School: Title IIa Funds
Dive DEEPdt Consultant - SJCDS.pdf
Instruction-Climate and Culture
20. C15 - Resolution #17-20 National School Nurse Week May 6-12, 2017
nurses week 2017.pdf
21. C16 - Intel Math Program Professional Development
Intel Math (Summer).pdf
Intel Cohort Proficiency by Skill.pdf
INTEL Math In Feeder School (1) (1).pdf
Intel - pre and post by teacher - all cohorts (2).pdf
Business Affairs
22. C17 - Request approval of the Florida Youth Challenge 2017-18 Payroll Calendar
Calendar Florida Youth Challenge Academy 2017-2018.pdf
23. C18 - Internal Account Audits FY16
Summary of Audit Findings by School (1).pdf
24. C19 - 2016-2017 Proposed Allocation Changes
Allocation Summary -May 4, 2017 for 2016-2017.pdf
Business Affairs-Accounting
25. C20 - Warrants and Vouchers for March 2017
March 2017 Warrants & Vouchers.pdf
26. C21 - Budget Amendments for the Month of March 2017
March 2017 Budget Amendment.pdf
March 2017 Board Impact Statement.pdf
27. C22 - Monthly Financial Report for March, 2017
March 2017 Financials.pdf
Business Affairs-Property
28. C23 - Monthly Property Report - March, 2017 - Furniture/Equipment
Furniture-Equipment Report-March, 2017.pdf
29. C24 - Monthly Property Report - March, 2017 - AV Materials
Audiovisual Report-March, 2017.pdf
30. C25 - Monthly Property Report - March, 2017 - Software
Software Report-March, 2017.pdf
31. C26 - Monthly Property Report - March, 2017 - Vehicles
Vehicles Report-March, 2017.pdf
32. C27 - Deletion of Certain Items Report - May, 2017
Deletion Report-May, 2017.pdf
Deletion Report (Attachments)-May, 2017.pdf
33. C28 - Interlocal Agreement between the Clay County Sheriff and the School Board of Clay County
Agreement between CCSO and CCSB.pdf
34. C29 - Keystone Heights High School (KHS) Repiping Science Wing Contract Award
35. C30 - Clay High School Culinary Arts Renovation Contract Award
CHS Culinary Renovation Bid Tab.pdf
36. C31 - Pre-qualification of Contractors
Contractor List 5,4,17.pdf
37. C32 - Keystone Heights Elementary School Parent Pickup Redesign Contract Award
Bid Tab KHE Parent Pickup.pdf
38. C33 - Middleburg High School Culinary Arts Renovation Redesign Contract Award
Bid Tab MHS Culinary Arts.pdf
39. C34 - Front Entrance Security Enhancements County-Wide Contract Award
Bid Tab Front Entrance Security.pdf
40. C35 - Deductive Change Order #1 (Direct Purchasing) for Doctors Inlet Elementary Fire Alarm Replacement
CO 1 DIS Fire Alarm Replacement.pdf
41. C36 - Deductive Change Order #1 (Direct Purchasing) for Orange Park Junior High School Parking Lot Lighting Renovation
CO 1 OPJ Parking Lot Lighting.pdf
Adoption of Consent Agenda
42. Adoption of Consent Agenda
CCEA Update
CESPA Update
Superintendent's Update and Presentations
Discussion Agenda
Human Resources
43. D1 - Human Resources - Special Action - A
Special Action A 5 4 17.pdf (Confidential)
44. D2 - Proposed Supplemental Allocations for 2017-2018
2017-2018 Proposed Supplemental Allocations.pdf
Instruction-Instructional Resources
45. D3 - Public Hearing to approve, as advertised, Alg 1 with Financial Literacy Textbook Adoption
Alg 1 Quote.pdf
46. D4 - Public Hearing to approve as advertised, Social Studies Textbook Adoption 6-12
SS Adoption.pdf
Instruction-K-12 Academic
47. D5 - Public Hearing to approve, as advertised, amendments to School Board Policy 4.28(C) "Chaperones on School Trips" (Ref. F.S. 1001.41)
April 2017 - 4.28ChaperonesDraft.docx.pdf
Business Affairs
48. D6 - Proposed Allocation Changes for 2017-2018
Allocation Summary - May 4, 2017.pdf
49. D7 - Proposed Allocations for District Staff 2017-2018
2017-2018 Proposed District Staff Allocations.pdf
50. D8 - Refinancing of the Certificate of Participation Series 2005B
Business Affairs-Property
51. D9 - Public Hearing to approve, as advertised, revisions to School Board Policy 5.03 C for Property Record Accounting
Financial Accounting Policies And Procedures_Revised_5_4_2017.pdf
52. D10 - Adopt Updated Educational Impact Fee Technical Report and Resolution for Transmittal to the Board of County Commissioners (BCC)
Impact Fee Technical Report 2017.pdf
RESOLUTION status quo (1).pdf
School Board Remarks