Agenda Plus
School Board of Clay County
Teacher Inservice Center (Fleming Island High), 2233 Village Square Parkway, Fleming Island, FL
June 24, 2021 - Regular School Board Meeting
Date: Jun 24 2021 (6:00 p.m.)
Student Showcase
Invocation  (Dr. Charles Lever, Orange Park United Methodist Church)
Pledge of Allegiance
Call to Order
Recognitions and Awards
1. Recognize 2020-2021 Retirees
School Showcase
Presentations from the Audience (Public Comment)
Consent Agenda
2. C1 - Minutes of Workshop and Special Meeting on May 25, 2021; Student Hearings and Regular Meeting on June 3. 2021
2021 May 25 Special Mtg.pdf
2021 May 25 Workshop.pdf
2021 Jun 3 Student Hearings.pdf (Confidential)
2021 June 3 Regular Mtg.pdf
3. C2 - Payment of Annual Membership Dues for 2021-2022 to Florida Association of District School Superintendents
Information Technology Services
4. C3 - Blackboard OneClay Website, OneClay App, and Callout Services
BlackBoard Final full size pages.pdf
Human Resources
5. C4 - Personnel Consent Agenda
Personnel Consent Agenda 6.24.2021.pdf
Instruction-Academic Services
6. C5 - Daily Hours for Teachers and Students for School Year 2021-22
School Hours for 2021-2022.pdf
7. C6 - 2021-22 Interagency Agreement Between the School Board of Clay County, Florida and the Department of Military Affairs; State of Florida
210124 Florida Youth Challenge Academy (1).pdf
8. C7 - Contract between Pace Center for Girls, Inc. and School Board of Clay County
210126 PACE.pdf
9. C8 - Agreement between the School Board of Clay County and AMI Kids
210125 AMI KIDS.pdf
10. C9 - Approve Interlocal Agreement Between The School Board of Clay County, Florida and Rolling Hills Community Development District Regarding Usage of District’s Amenity Complex Facilities.
Clay High School Swim Team Pool Use Agreement.pdf
11. C10 - K-12 Academic Services Out of State and Overnight Student Travel
June 24 2021_Student Travel.pdf
12. C11 - Approval for the Purchase of Achieve3000 Blended Literacy Solution for 2021-2022 and 2022-2023
210120 Achieve 3000 Amendment 6 _Approved_signed by vendor.pdf
13. C 11A - Art Enrichment Contract with Lorraine Butler
Art Enrichment Contract.pdf
Instruction-Climate and Culture
14. C12 - 7 Mindsets Social Emotional Learning Curriculum
7 Mindsets 21-22 Contract Pending Board Approval.pdf
15. C13 - Navigate 360 curriculum Suite360: Mental Health & Prevention
210128 Navigate 360.pdf
Business Affairs
16. C14 - Approve the 2021-2022 District's Property/Casualty/Active Assailant Insurance renewal submitted by Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. (broker)
CCDS Property Casualty Premium Summary 2021.pdf
17. C15 - Approve uniform pricing for ”Before and/or After School Enrichment Programs” offered by “outside” organizations.
Before and After Pricing.pdf
18. C16 - Proposed Allocation Changes for 2021-2022
Allocation Summary 2021-2022 - June 24, 2021 .3 .pdf
Business Affairs-Accounting
19. C17 - Monthly Financial Reports for May, 2021
May Monthly Board Financial Report.pdf
May Monthly Board Property Report.pdf
Contracts 50 Thousand and Greater.pdf
20. C18 - Budget Amendment for Month Ending May 31, 2021
Budget Amendment May 2021.pdf
Business Affairs-Property
21. C19 - Deletion of Certain Items Report - June, 2021
Deletion Report-June, 2021.pdf
Business Affairs-Purchasing
22. C20 - BID Renewal
23. C21 - BID to be Awarded
24. C22 - Maintenance Service Agreement for Six Schools (MRE, KHE, KHS, WES, WJH, CHE)
Trane Service Agreement Vendor Performance Evaluation.pdf
Maintenance Service Agreement - Trane.pdf
25. C23 - 2021-2022 School Safety Interlocal Agreement among the School Board of Clay County, Florida, City of Green Cove Springs Florida and Green Cove Springs Police Department
City of GCS 2021-2022.pdf
26. C24 - 2021-2022 School Safety Interlocal Agreement among the School Board of Clay County Florida and Town of Orange Park and the Town of Orange Park Police Department
town of OP SRO 2021-2022.pdf
27. C25 - Cenergistic Maintenance Agreement
Cenergistic Maintenance Agreement 6.24.21.pdf
28. C26 - Synovia GPS Fleet Management Renewal Contract
CalAmp - The School Board of Clay County_SYN-00048323_Bus Guardian_Renewal Replacement - Signed v18.pdf
29. C27 - New Elementary School “R” Naming Committee Member Selection
New Elementary School R Naming Committee.pdf
30. C28 - Change Order #3 (Direct Purchasing) for Tynes Elementary School New Classroom Addition
TES Classroom Addition CO 3.pdf
31. C29 - Pre-Qualification of Contractors
Table for Board Backup Contractor Prequal, 6.24.21.pdf
32. C30 - Five Year Educational Plant Survey (2021)
Clay Recommend 2021.pdf
Complete Survey 2021.pdf
Adoption of Consent Agenda
CCEA Update  (Victoria Kidwell)
CESPA Update  (Lonnie Roberts)
Superintendent's Update and Presentations
Discussion Agenda
School Board Member
33. D1 - Appoint One Board Member and One Citizen Member to Serve on the 2021 Value Adjustment Board (Mrs. Bolla)
34. D2 - Appoint One Board Member to Serve as Florida School Boards Association Advocacy Committee Representative and One Board Member to Serve as Advocacy Committee Alternate (Mrs. Bolla)
Human Resources
35. D3 - Human Resources Special Action A
36. D4 - 2020-21 S.R.E.F. Casualty, Safety, Sanitation, Relocatable, and Fire Safety Inspection
Elementary SREF Inspections (Buildings).pdf
Elementary SREF Inspections (Portables) Cont..pdf
Elementary SREF Inspections (Portables) Cont. 2.pdf
Jr. High SREF Inspections (Buildings).pdf
Jr. High SREF Inspections (Portables).pdf
High School SREF Inspections (Buildings).pdf
High School SREF Inspections (Portables).pdf
High School SREF Inspections (Portables) Cont..pdf
County Offices & Buildings SREF Inspections.pdf
School Board Attorney Remarks
School Board Member Remarks